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  1. Malcolm

    Read Me Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays! We hope you have a wonderful time full of happiness. Be sure to take care of yourself and happy coding! P.s some great things coming next year
  2. Malcolm

    Read Me Two new additions to Code Forum! Shop & Status page

    🛒 Meet the new Code Forum Shop! 🎉 I'm really excited to announce the launch of our new shop. You can get merch ranging from T's and Hoodies to phone cases and my personal favourite, the coffee mug! The Code Forum shop is excellent for getting high-quality Code Forum merch in exchange for helping...
  3. Malcolm

    HTML & CSS How to improve my account-details form?

    Hey everyone! As mentioned in my previous thread, how to improve my login form, I am making prefabs for me to plop into my web projects; this allows me to keep my motivation high while creating website templates quickly and efficiently. You can check out my previous thread by clicking here. I...
  4. Malcolm

    HTML & CSS How can I improve my login form?

    Hey all! So over the last few months, I've been sharpening my HTML/CSS skills. I have been watching youtube tutorials, doing exercises on Code Academy and following The Odin Project. Recently I came up with a project for myself but was having difficulty getting started, so I came up with an...
  5. Malcolm

    The first challenge of 2021! Voting!

    The colourful introduction...octagon! With the submissions wrapped up, it's now time for to vote on your favourite one! The voting period will last over two week(s) starting today March 29th, 2021 to April 9th. 2021. I will be putting up a poll with the different entries and the highest entry...
  6. Malcolm

    The first challenge of 2021! Submissions closed!

    The colourful introduction! Howdy Code Forum! I would like to welcome you to our first code challenge of the year! The first challenge of the year will be called "Colour Introduction"! You are tasked with creating a simple colourful introduction using any language - but... the catch is you can...
  7. Malcolm

    Read Me The big 1k!

    "Reach for the sky!" Wise words once spoken by my idol growing up, Woody. Code Forum has over 1,000+ registered coders within the community, which is by far the most exciting news of all! Just a little over two years, Code Forum has gone through many challenges, but we have always found the...
  8. Malcolm

    CSS How do I have multiple background-images?

    Hi Code Forum! I'm trying to add multiple background images to share a webpage's background while having different positioning, colour, overlay etc. Is it possible to combine these properties and values? if so can you point me in the right direction? body { background-image...
  9. Malcolm

    We now have 900 registered coders!

    We now have 900+ registered coders! Hello Coders, I am happy to announce that we now have over 900+ registered coders on Code Forum! We are so close to 1,000 registered coders!
  10. Malcolm

    HTML & CSS Fixing a hyperlink to the bottom of a div element. Looking for help!

    Hi all, I want to position a hyperlink at the bottom of my div container (similar to vertical-align: text-bottom), but wasn't able to achieve this. Should I use the position property or create another div and place my hyperlink within that div? Would love to hear your ideas!
  11. Malcolm

    Read Me Meet the Guardians!

    Community Engagement Team becomes Guardians! I am pleased to announce that Code Forum has officially changed the name of our mode Community Engagement team to Guardians. The reason for the change is because I wanted the name to be something unique, something of importance, something the...
  12. Malcolm

    Read Me Changes regarding the staff team

    Changes in regards to Staff Team. Hi all, I have recently made changes to how we display members of our staff team. And, I believe this will make it less confusing for everyone to understand who does what and who to go to for help. Before we had our Guardians (Moderators) displayed as a yellow...
  13. Malcolm

    Read Me Happy New Years! Goodbye 2020 and hello 2021!

    Happy New Year! On behalf of the Code Forum team, we all would like to wish you a happy new year! @SpicyHobo @simong1993 @rashipande @Thomasss I believe I can speak for all of us when I say this; it’s been a really rough year. Some of us have dealt with great hardships and losses and even...
  14. Malcolm

    Code Forum reaches 800 coders!

    Hello everyone! I am happy to announce that Code Forum has reached another great milestone! We now have 800 Registered coders; we are so close to our goal of 1k! Thank you all for being incredibly amazing! Malcolm
  15. Malcolm

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Code Forum!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! On behalf of the Code Forum Team, @rashipande, @SpicyHobo, @simong1993 and @Thomasss we would all like to wish you a safe and happy holidays!
  16. Malcolm

    New Discord Integration!

    Code Forum's Discord Integration add-on gets an upgrade! Hi all! We're proud to announce that we have implemented a new Discord Add-on. This addon is bringing many new improvements and features. The Discord add-on will continue to post any new threads to our #new-threads channel on our Discord...
  17. Malcolm

    Introducing a new style for Code Forum!

    Meet the new default! Hello Coders I am excited to announce that we are going to be releasing a new default style. This style is cleaner and is modern compared to our existing styles. I felt that we didn't have a modern-looking style and felt like we were behind in times. Well, today is the day...
  18. Malcolm

    How can I create a button that displays content within a div?

    Hello All! I'm developing a resume-website and I've gotten it pretty much where I need to. But there's one last step I need to work on and it's the content and how to display it. I decided that I was going to use buttons and when you click them it would show the content. I've done a bit of...
  19. Malcolm

    HTML & CSS Best way to position div elements side by side?

    Hello all, I have recently submerged myself into another project. I'm trying to place to div elements side by side. I've figured out two ways of doing it and want to know how you would do it. The two ways I did it are: Method 1: <div class="div1"></div> <div class="div2"></div> <div...
  20. Malcolm

    Read Me COMPLETED: joins forces with to fight against AIDS/HIV

    Hello Coders! I am excited to announce a joint venture between Code Forum and (@Thomasss) for the month of December in an effort to bring our communities together for a charity event to support and fight against AIDS/HIV. We will donate 0.75 CAD for every thread and 0.50 CAD for...