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  1. strawbs89

    HTML & CSS Radio on-air script

    hi i'm having problems with my script it won't show my djimages when my staff are on air "could someone please possible help" here's my js script (function( d ) { 'use strict'; function onair(){ var dj = d.querySelector('#dj'), nd = new Date(), dy = nd.getDay()...
  2. strawbs89

    index of/

    hi all i am running apache2.4 server basically i have run into an issue i have a domain but i'm having to type in which i shouldn't have to now when people go to that domain it shows index of/ where it shows what files i have in...
  3. strawbs89

    HTML & CSS On-air

    I have this script <html><head><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script></head><body background=""><center><div id="cc_tunein"> <a...
  4. strawbs89

    HTML & CSS Song Request Page

    hi basically myself and my partner are making a song request page but when people click on request i would a box to pop-up and say Request Successful now were using google sheets to create it could anyone elaborate on this new request page
  5. strawbs89

    HTML & CSS Listener Feed

    wonder if anyone could possible help me I've got a song request form on my website but what i would like is for when people request a certain song there name comes up on some sort of embedded scroller for example CV-INFO coolvibes-info: Emily wilder requested Kim wilder you keep me...
  6. strawbs89

    HTML & CSS Song Request

    hey there i have been looking around everywhere on the net and i'm have been trying to do it myself but with no luck! basically i'm have got a song request form with google forms? Song Requester and what i am trying to do is have the request form turn on and off at separate times of days and...
  7. strawbs89

    website tabs/pills

    hi all hope someone can help basically i am trying to create a schedule with the days of these week using tabs now when you click mon tue wed different text shows up? but thurs fri sat sun don't see here <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width...