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  1. Krygore

    HTML & CSS Employment

    React and node.js would a huge benefit to learn! What courses have you taken so far, if any? If none, I highly recommend checking out or even (which is a non-accredited school that I'm currently in with a 110% refund guarantee if they can't find you a job paying at least...
  2. Krygore


    I definitely agree to that statement. I also feel bootstrap is easier to use. I have yet to be able to get a cdn that works properly for tailwindcss and therefore still haven't used it. For some reason or another, the @import file doesn't do what it's supposed to on my computer lol
  3. Krygore

    JavaScript Return an array of names

    For the record, I did spot the differences @cbreemer and realised that it was more helpful than I originally thought. I was able to use it later on in the code where I ran into an issue that I needed to loop through the array. So, still useful information lol
  4. Krygore

    Hello everyone

    You've definitely come to the right place! I believe the site admin/owner actually has a few tutorials here on the site for free for you to browse through as far as C C# and C++ go. Any other programming languages, we have tons of experienced and knowledgeable people here who can help set you on...
  5. Krygore

    JavaScript Return an array of names

    I ended up figuring it out with a map method. function listOfNames(array) { let newArray ={name}) => name) ; return newArray; } console.log(listOfNames(artists));
  6. Krygore

    JavaScript Return an array of names

    So, that returns just the first name in the array... Amedeo Modigliani It's a pre-generated list TBH. There is a total of 20 artists, Paul Klee and Georges Braque are not on it, but Picasso is
  7. Krygore

    JavaScript Return an array of names

    So I have an object array of classic artists, I need to create a function that creates a new array with just the artist names. I have tried using .map() and loops with no success. Here is where I left off before giving up :sleep: const artists = [ { "id": 0, "name": "Amedeo...
  8. Krygore

    Website overview

    I really like the layout you have! Easy to navigate, everything is clearly visible. If I could change anything about it, it would be the animation on your main header text. Every time the image changes, the text spins in and that's a little obnoxious in my opinion, but please don't change it...
  9. Krygore

    HTML & CSS How To Nest Embedded Video and Audio In DIV?

    Why do you have html tag in there 3 times? All the contents should be within the same html tag. Also, all scripts go just before the closing </body> tag, in the order that you want them executed (yes, it matters). You had a typo in your frameborder properties as well. You could try using...
  10. Krygore

    HTML & CSS Bootstrap

    In my opinion, the only thing Bootstrap is good for is that you can use the templates to get you started on the general idea that you are looking for. Overall though, I agree with @OldMan, learn the coding languages yourself so you have an understanding of them. Implement BS if you want, but use...
  11. Krygore

    HTML & CSS Space between two <div> elements

    Your #info selector doesn't have a display property in use for the top: 0px; that you have there. The code doesn't know what to do with top: 0px; with out having display: absolute; or display: relative;. You should be looking at padding or margin. Also keep in mind the box model! Padding...
  12. Krygore

    HTML h1 as html5 header ?

    Place the header tag before your h1 tag and end it after the last element that you want in your header. So if you only want your h1 in the header, it would look like this: <header> <h1 header= class='post-title entry-title' style='margin: 10px 0;font-size: 17px;'> text title</h1> </header> That...
  13. Krygore

    HTML & CSS Help with border radius in wordpress app

    In your selector tag, delve deeper into the tag and select the img element as well. #mapsvg-map-5 .mapsvg-popover img{ background-color: #fffdf3; padding: 1px 1px; border-radius: 25px; } Give that a try. And what coding language is that?
  14. Krygore


    Has anyone here used TailwindCSS? If so, how difficult is it to learn to use? I'd love to be able to just assign a class to get the effect I want without having to mess with a bunch of CSS properties and toy around with it til I figure out the right formula... My code looks like hell and I want...
  15. Krygore

    JavaScript Video coding lessons for absolute beginners

    Looks like you get quite a few views! My only suggestion (after watching about 15 min of part one intro to js) would be that you use a smaller portrait area for your visual person and let more of the computer screen be seen so you don't have to do things in half screen. Makes it harder for...
  16. Krygore

    JavaScript Why does javascript do not show the calculation on output?

    You don't need the quotations in the console.log. Quotations are used when you want to console.log a string. Mathematical equations are to be done without it. console.log (80 % 3);
  17. Krygore

    JavaScript jqeury why does my array not exist?

    In your variable naming the $array_to_json it includes "echo" whereas your for loop does not. //Your var declaration and for loop var dates = <?php echo $array_to_json ?>; for(var i = dates; i < <?php $array_to_json ?>. length ; i++) // Proper for loop name var dates = <?php echo...
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    Your Toolbox

    OS: Windows 11 Web-Browser: Chrome Email-Client: Gmail Text-Editor for Coding: Microsoft Visual Studio IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio Documents/Presentations/Spreadsheets: WPS Office Image-Editing: GIMP
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    Welcome to the community @klaw7 ! Don't hesitate to ask any questions, a lot of knowledgeable people use this site regularly!
  20. Krygore

    HTML & CSS Navbar menu that shows the content on a sidebar

    Assuming I am understanding what you are asking for here, which to me sounds like a vertical navigation bar that goes from top to bottom instead of left to right, you can achieve it by using flex column, but I like cheating and use bootstrap :Rofl: This link is for the latest version of...