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  1. Ash

    Web Accessibility

    Digital accessibility is the idea that everyone no matter their abilities can use your website without any issues. Have you considered web accessibility for your website? Or has it been something that you've never really thought about?
  2. Ash | General Discussion Community

    Introducing Discussion Hub! Link: Discussion Hub is a general discussion community aiming to help you get a little blast from the past. Cast your mind back to 2014. Life was simple. Forums were full of coloured usernames, special userbars and tight-knit communities. We...
  3. Ash

    PHP Dynamic Page Content Based on URL?

    I will be doing some coursework for uni soon but the PHP part will come later on. But I wanted to get a head start so wanted to see if anyone could help with this. Previously, with Python and Flask, I could create a page that would have different content depending on the URL. Is this possible...
  4. Ash

    What browser do you use?

    What browser do you guys use? I'm using Google Chrome at the moment and have been thinking about moving over to Firefox (on my laptop and phone) soon. Does anyone use Firefox and if so, how is it?
  5. Ash

    Solved Solved Question Font Colour

    Not a huge issue but with the dark theme, when a post has been selected as a solution, the font colour is white/grey which means you can't read it. Not sure if the same issue is present on other themes.
  6. Ash

    Tech Interview Tips

    I have an interview on Tuesday for a company where I'll be sort of testing sites for accessibility etc. I'll mainly be dealing with HTML & CSS. Do you guys have any tips for more technical interviews? Maybe someone will come across this in the future and it'll be useful to them as well :).
  7. Ash

    Java What are some great places to learn Java?

    I am currently programming with Java in university and was looking for some good websites that can help teach Java (including the basics all the way to the more advanced stuff). I have previously tried CodeGym but the free service they offer is very limiting. W3Schools is another site I have...
  8. Ash

    Lounge Thread

    Don't think this section of the forum has one so I thought I would create it. Just a thread to say hello when you log in or goodbye when you're logging off. Perfect for shorter messages that don't need a whole thread as well :D.
  9. Ash


    Programming your game is often considered as being the majority of the work and one of the hardest tasks. Most people tend to overestimate the work and time required to come up with ideas for your games. How do you go about brainstorming ideas? Do you like to look at other games for inspiration?
  10. Ash


    Hello everyone, Ash here. I am from London, United Kingdom. In my spare time, I like to play games (on my PS4), manage my blog (webmaster related) or just browse different forums. Hope to have a good time here with you guys :)