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  1. Antero360

    Best course on bootstrap to learn bootstrap for someone who requires more mentoring?

    HI there, Unfortunately, if you are struggling with frontend to the point where you are not able to create at least a page or two, I would highly recommend that you put the thought of making projects on your own to the side for now, and focus on following along with tutorials that may be project...
  2. Antero360

    Save password in chrome

    Hi there, You might want to ask your superiors if there is a password manager they have installed and/or approve of, otherwise, you are SOL if you're company is not allowing you to save to chrome
  3. Antero360

    JavaScript System reaction for messages

    Hi there, do you mean with the like/dislike/face emoji type of reaction system, or what did you have in mind?
  4. Antero360

    Java Spring Boot Microservice - 403 Forbidden among API Gateway and some services

    A HTTP status of 403 - Forbidden, means that you do not have access to it because you do not have proper permissions to do so.
  5. Antero360

    JavaScript Child Selector?

    Please see this example
  6. Antero360

    JavaScript Child Selector?

    Off the bat, I can tell you one error that you will run into: if you are looking for just ONE element, document.querySelector('.className') => this will return the first element with the given classname/id name if you want all elements: document.querySelectorAll('.className') => this will give...
  7. Antero360

    JavaScript Child Selector?

    function setSelected() { let a =; console.log(a.outerHTML); let b = a.parentElement.querySelectorAll("clicked").classList.remove("clicked"); console.log(b.outerHTML); if(a.hasAttribute('class')) { a.setAttribute('class') }...
  8. Antero360

    Java Adding a java backdoor into a jar file

    @LuckyCxz what mc version are yall targeting?
  9. Antero360

    Java Adding a java backdoor into a jar file

    Who created the mod, you?
  10. Antero360

    Java Adding a java backdoor into a jar file

    Oh @LuckyCxz I HAZ LOTS OH QUESTIONS LOL First of all that one above... second of all... why is there OS detection?
  11. Antero360

    Java Adding a java backdoor into a jar file

    Also... this line right here... is not sus at all lol this.showErrorMessage("This file is a directory... Are we in a development environment?");
  12. Antero360

    Java Adding a java backdoor into a jar file

    What file did you modify in the java code
  13. Antero360

    Python The longest palindrome sequence

    My first question: Are you required to output the length of the longest palindrome, or the actual string of the palindrome?
  14. Antero360

    Applying change from Firefox inspector to css

    One thing to note: As the name suggests, css is "cascading". This means that the lower your style sheet is on your stylesheet reference (ie the <link> tag list in your <head> tag), the higher the precedence. Not only that, but the closer the style is to the actual element itself, the higher the...
  15. Antero360

    JavaScript Child Selector?

    it's part of vanilla js. Remember, jQuery is a js library
  16. Antero360

    Java Help with server

    Are you sure you are importing those classes correctly?
  17. Antero360

    JavaScript Adding the negative number return as Nan

    Hi there, You might want to check if Total is a number first of all
  18. Antero360

    Can someone tell me how to solve this exercise?

    Having been through this eternal question from the 360th pit of hades... I can tell you, if you are looking for a 1-1 comparison... there is none lol, for lack of better words. Rather than looking at the code, try moving 1 step backward, and pseudo coding the algo with comments, and go from there.
  19. Antero360

    Java Adding a java backdoor into a jar file

    feel free to send me the jar file via discord Antero360#7571. I'd like to analyze that jar, please and thank you
  20. Antero360

    Java Adding a java backdoor into a jar file

    Did you delete the file transfer yourself lol