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  1. blobbdaUser3

    some o's in some d's

    i been hard at work on this dag makefile... I was wondering. Does anybody have experience with getting one of these to work? I keep writing & trying to compile, and yet i can not seem to grasp the makefile language. id like to understand why this doesnt work (i will include the code). Let me...
  2. blobbdaUser3

    basic concepts

    I was playing some weird game, "illiteracy game", and i thought - this is a good idea to represent one of the basic concepts for games. Another one i came across was some old game, "oxyd", that - visually, reminded me of the stratego board game, except its a slide puzzle video game (you...
  3. blobbdaUser3

    C++ Math Question

    I had some question in regards to a method of generating a circle within the context of a wave. Like some weird trigonometry thing.... I tried to write it down, in order to understand what it is im trying to ask. For now, just as an introductory question... Is C++ efficient at producing...
  4. blobbdaUser3

    Best Method for - detect coll?

    What would be the best way to detect collision, in a typical first person game? Im currently reading this page, and theres like, 10 different methods it can be accomplished... Perhaps based on ones own needs. Although im not super sure, I can say i will need walls to have that 90 degree...
  5. blobbdaUser3


    im working on something. But i believe at the heart of this is happiness and inspiration. So i thought of a silly idea that we can meditate on and make better. Picture this. An orange. like the first thing that appears. 3d model of a real orange. Perhaps some text describing what to do or...
  6. blobbdaUser3


    My name is blobbdaUser3. I am into c++. Today i have joined codeforum. I have been very engrossed, in the last few months, with coding in general; But i've been coding for longer. I don't do much other-things except work with my family and then work on the computer. I would like to find other...