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  1. brabra551

    Python temporary list

    Hi guys del is modifying tmp_deck and deck itself, how can I make tmp_deck temporary so I can modify tmp_deck in the loop and reset it to deck value for each round of the for loop ? f = open("in.txt","r") lines = f.readlines() def search (deck): for word in lines: tmp_deck = deck...
  2. brabra551

    JavaScript Dynamic variable in an other variable

    var var1 = 12; var var2 = [var1,"fruit"]; var var1 = 4; console.log(var1,var2); output : 4 [12,"fruit"] how do I turn it to : 4 [4,"fruit"]
  3. brabra551

    JavaScript Canvas images coordinates makes no sense

    Hey, I'm trying to make a ludo game that's responsive, I've managed to get the plateau to be working great but I'm stuck when it gets to register a click on a pawn. Pawns are drown with images. Then I use the same coordinates as the image in my eventlistener and eventually they are not the...