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    JavaScript Nested if

    Thank you so much! I have started to learn js from one book, and there for now is only basic staff, but yes, thank you, ill wrap my code like that in the future learning.
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    JavaScript Nested if

    Now I see everything is alright. Maybe I did understand something wrong. I thought the message "name not correct" will appear immediately after I wrote incorrectly the name, but its not. My mistake
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    JavaScript Nested if

    Hello! Please tell me someone what s wrong is with this code: var n = "Alice"; var l = "Field"; var name = prompt("Enter your name"); var lastName = prompt("Enter your last name"); if (name === n) { if (lastName === l) { alert("d"); } else { alert("try again")...
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    JavaScript What is wrong in this code?

    var name = prompt("How is your name?"); if (name = "Alesya" ) { alert("Good day " + name); } else { alert(name + "not correct"); }