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    PHP Order of Operations - Formulas

    One could get dizzy with all the parentheses. Thanks all. I was pretty sure that all languages are compiled to follow this order.
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    PHP Order of Operations - Formulas

    So, I have been studying up on my PHP and something I always run across is the method of which a formula is read and processed. Which is why I love PHP so much, I think it is one of the most dynamic languages when it comes to SQL and updating your database using formulas. Now I wanted to get...
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    Hello Coders

    Way to get started young! Stick to it. :thumbsup:
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    Hello Coders

    Hi there! I'm new here too but I love finding forums like these. I hope to see some of your work!
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    Looking to join a team

    I've been working on designing a web hosting business that I'm launching. I know, you're probably like *grimaces*. But I'm a networking student and I thought it would be a good project to get me started with CentOS and SSH and popular programs around the web hosting business. Interested in...
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    Looking for Team Members

    Hello there! Thanks for popping by my post. I am beginning a new web hosting company. I get it, you may be thinking "Uhh, already a huge marketplace, daunting task indeed..". But I believe in the power of marketing, of good customer service skills and principles and of great programming and...
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    cbreemer, I thank you for your advice. And that has kind of always been my approach to working on a script. I familiarize and I add to it. Thank you both for your responses of welcome!
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    class MyIntro {

    class myIntro public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("This is my introduction, thanks for stopping by!"); } } My user name is AnderMedia, but I would like everyone to refer to me as Matt, for that is my true name. And I extend a hand of friendship to you all...
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    Hello there, and thanks for clicking on this post when there is an entire sea of other introduction posts and content you could have clicked on. But I can't promise mine would be any more interesting than others. My name is Matt, I used the username AnderMedia because it is the website name that...
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