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    JavaScript What am I doing wrong coding a template

    I am creating a new web site for my training classes. I have a menu that is repeated on every page. I do not to have to maintain 41 pages of menu code. I want to have the menu code in one place and call it from the main pages. Searching around the internet I came across the concept of a...
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    HTML Reusable HTML

    let me get this correct The php file would be something like menu.php. It would only contain the html code I want to be called The html file would have; <?php include('menu'); ?> did I get this right. I have 0 experience with php
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    HTML Reusable HTML

    This is my first post here, so please bear with me a little bit. A little background would seem appropriate, and I will move it to my profile when I can get a chance. I have been working with computers, mostly on the software side since 1976. Yes, I did use the boxes and boxes of FORTRAN...
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