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  1. sallu110

    Sincere Career Advice Needed

    Hello everyone! So today I will be asking some very important questions which many others might relate to. Your advice might influence my decision so its a request to answer this if you have reasonable amount of experience in the IT industry. My short intro: I am 26 year old. Completed my...
  2. sallu110

    HTML & CSS Changing position of sign in and sign up form

    Hye! I want the sign up and sign in form to be place horizontally in the middle of the page . Currently they are placed on top of each other. </section> <div class="lg:w-2/6 md:w-1/2 bg-gray-100 rounded-lg p-8 flex flex-col md:ml-auto w-full mt-10 md:mt-0"> <h2 class="text-gray-900...
  3. sallu110

    PHP Adding sign up, sign in and email verification option

    Hye guys! So I made a static website using tailblocks. Here it is : My website Now I am trying to add the Sign up/sign-in option too but I don't know where to start. I want all the information while signing up to be stored in a database and an email verification after a sign up. So can you...
  4. sallu110

    HTML & CSS Inserting image in a web page

    I have uploaded it on 000webhost. It has successfully opened the website but the picture is again not displaying. If I simply open the HTML file in web browser then its displaying but with 000webhost its not displaying the picture.
  5. sallu110

    HTML & CSS Inserting image in a web page

    So I will have to buy a domain name?
  6. sallu110

    HTML & CSS Inserting image in a web page

    Thanks. I need to ask another thing too. This is the static website which I made using tailwind : I have to use the URL of this website for a sign up process. But they are not accepting it by saying " Please provide full, valid URL". What should I do?
  7. sallu110

    HTML & CSS Inserting image in a web page

    Hye! I am trying to insert an image from my pc to a webpage but its not working.I am working on tailwind currently. <img src="images/PP.jpg"style="width:300px; height:300px" alt = "my pic"> This is what I get: Thanks!
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