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  1. racheal

    C Conditions for printf()?

    i totally agree with this.
  2. racheal

    Do developers prefer Android or iOS?

    Developers prerer iOS over Android. There are many reasons why developers tend to prefer iOS over Android with a commonly suggested one being that iOS users are more likely to spend on apps than Android users.
  3. racheal

    HTML & CSS Navigation Circle Dots

    At least two methods of position fixing should always be available. On the open sea, the primary technology is GPS, with "celestial fix" as a backup. Preference for the primary technique of securing a position If a radar-visible item is present, the "radar fix" becomes the dominant technique of...
  4. racheal

    Fun activity Say hello... in a coding language!

    System.out.println("Hello, Trillent!");
  5. racheal

    Useful sites for mobile developers

    hey, thanks for this, this is really helpful.
  6. racheal

    Useful sites for mobile developers

    hey thanks for the list. this was really helpful.
  7. racheal

    hi, can I restrict any mobile app to run on only 1 network !?

    hey, didn't really understand your question.
  8. racheal

    Can I make android apps with Html, CSS, and JavaScript?

    hey, I'm not sure if there is a free version to do so, but you can try this. With a rudimentary understanding of HTML, CSS, and JS, you can create a mobile app. Otherwise, third-party CSS and JS libraries, templates, and any other browser-supported features are available.
  9. racheal

    Python How to change display string on template

    hey, I am not a professional on that but you can try doing this. Template should be imported from the string module. Make a template string that is valid. Use the template string as an input to create the Template. Use a substitution procedure to complete the substitution.
  10. racheal

    Dynamic image maping ???

    hey, I would start by building an app using esri api. That will allow you to create a map and interact with it. You can use MySQL or PostGreSQL to store your spatial data. Provide user with edit rights to create and modify polygons. Import gps data directly into your database and use esri api...
  11. racheal

    Python Need help with python calculator issue (bug?)

    You'll need to turn the user's selection into an integer. Because the user's selection is a str, none of the if statements are true, and the code in the otherwise statement is executed. I've also made some changes to your code.
  12. racheal

    Python Download multplie json is not working

    can you please share the entire code, since the above code looks fine and you are still facing error
  13. racheal

    Java Need to create ticket in dynamics 365 using Java

    hey aliva, even I am a beginner to javascript. but maybe, you can check about this on LinkedIn learning, it has a course on the same topic
  14. racheal

    Hi world

    hey studjo, even, I am new to this forum. but i must say they have some good solutions.
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