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  1. Mutiny

    JavaScript Can't figure out what's casing this problem

    Are you sure you're not hitting the one per second limit listed below that section: I'm not familiar with Firebase so I'm not sure how to check if you're hitting that limit, but if you only have this problem when saving and then immediately trying to save again, it seems like a likely cause of...
  2. Mutiny

    JavaScript Can't figure out what's casing this problem

    Is it possible you're being rate-limited by Firebase and you're only allowed to write once per second or so?
  3. Mutiny

    HTML Need to reload images ignoring cache in HTML

    Instead of: src="" + new Date().getTime(); Try: src="" + new Date().getTime(); I'm not sure that a hash would do anything, but having a parameter at the end of the filename plus the time...
  4. Mutiny

    PHP posting chosen option to another page

    You need to have an actual form field to submit with your form. Change: <h3 class="productname" id="naam" name="naam">'.$row['naam'].'</h3> To: <label> '.$row['naam'].' <input type="hidden" name="naam" value="'.$row['naam'].'" /> </label> Also, you need to echo out the value when...
  5. Mutiny

    HTML & CSS How to get a contact form to send an email

    To send the data for the form automatically, you'll need to use a server side language like PHP to send an email from your server to yourself. Most cPanel web hosting will support PHP by default. Here is a tutorial on setting up some basic PHP to send an email from a contact form.
  6. Mutiny

    HTML & CSS CSS forms help

    In your CSS, under the label add: display: block; Also, I would highly suggest wrapping each label / input pair in a <div> element and then using something like flexbox to update the positioning of elements. Having each pair wrapped in a container tends to make working with them easier than...
  7. Mutiny

    JavaScript If Else Script

    Maybe something like this: Basically, try to open the mobile device window and then check the state of whether the window was actually opened or immediately closed.
  8. Mutiny

    PHP I need a PHP loop to enter a single text field's data and save the result from a web page.

    With CURL, you're not going to the page that has the form on it, what you want to do is submit a CURL request to the URL that the form submits to, in this case that would be: You would want to submit the form with the same field names as used on the...
  9. Mutiny

    PHP Screen does not refresh until all emails sent

    It only displays once because PHP only outputs to the browser once. Think of an envelope and when you echo it puts a new letter in the envelope. The envelope is only delivered once, at the end of the request and contains all of the letters put inside of it. A new envelope doesn't get...
  10. Mutiny

    Custom Fields

    What is the PHP code you are adding to try and get the fields? Also, depending on where you are trying to get the fields you may either have to pass in a post ID or "option" as the second parameter to tell it to pull the data from a specific post or from an options page.
  11. Mutiny

    Custom Fields

    Actually, are you using ACF to create the fields or some other plugin? Reviewing your screenshots you may be using something else, even though ACF is the biggest as far as custom fields on Wordpress.
  12. Mutiny

    Custom Fields

    Custom fields do not appear automatically. You need to add them to your code, whether it be within your template or inside of a custom plugin you're creating. See the ACF Documentation here:
  13. Mutiny

    PHP Does anyone knows how to sort this out?

    The content of the page appears to pull information specific to the logged in user, so each user should see their own profile from what I can tell based on what I am seeing on your site.
  14. Mutiny

    CSS Mobile view layer issue with multiple CSS

    My first thought is that this could be a z-index issue. Not sure if you are familiar with the z-index CSS property: Basically, you can use z-index to position elements on top of or behind other elements. The higher the z-index, the more...
  15. Mutiny

    PHP Does anyone knows how to sort this out?

    In the menu code you provided, you have the menu hard-coded rather than pulling items from a menu under Appearance > Menus, which is why you don't see that link listed there. Looking at your code, it looks like your theme tries to get a unique profile page for each user based on a post ID set...
  16. Mutiny

    PHP Does anyone knows how to sort this out?

    Ok, registering on your site I see what you mean, the URL of the button appears to go to a ?user=username type URL. What do you have the button set to in your menu under Appearance > Menus in Wordpress? I'm assuming you have it set to /my-profile? I think you might be seeing the homepage...
  17. Mutiny

    PHP Does anyone knows how to sort this out?

    What is your site? Are you using a Content Management System like Wordpress, or something you custom coded? What does the code that generates the menu look like? If you type the URL of the profile page in your browser directly do you see the proper page or do you get redirected to home?
  18. Mutiny

    Just wondering how long it takes to be promoted from "New Coder" to "Coder" to "Active Coder"

    @Malcolm there has to be some other calculation or restriction as well though, as my profile shows I have 150+ posts but only have the "active coder" rank, so it is either only counting posts started by an individual, or not counting posts in either certain areas or multiple posts per thread.
  19. Mutiny

    HTML & CSS how can I talk to divs within divs

    I think that based on your structure you can't target the kiddo div when hovering on the mama div, at least with CSS alone. The problem is that they are too far separated from each other. If you had kiddo inside of mama, you could target it with CSS. Possibly if you also had kiddo next to...
  20. Mutiny

    PHP Question about setting another variable

    I'm thinking you would want to do something like: $name = $db->where('type',PT_Secure($_POST['category_id']))->where('lang_key',PT_Secure($_POST['sub_category_id']))->getValue(T_LANGS,'name'); However, I am not sure if that is correct given how you are querying the database since your code...
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