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  1. Thomasss


    Welcome to CF! <3
  2. Thomasss

    Hello people

    Hello there! Welcome to CF!
  3. Thomasss

    Hey there! 👋

    Welcome to the community! <3
  4. Thomasss

    Staff Changes thread

    Hey girl haaay!
  5. Thomasss

    Fun activity Say hello... in a coding language!

    <p> Hello, <b>Malcolm!</b> </p>
  6. Thomasss


    Why hello there! :D Welcome! <3
  7. Thomasss

    JavaScript Iframe playlist

    I agree with @LTomy - it might be easier for you to upload them to YouTube and them directly embed through YouTube's services, or use an iframe from there.
  8. Thomasss

    JavaScript Iframe playlist

    I think I’m a bit confused still. You say you want to load a playlist - where is said playlist hosted? Is this through Spotify or YouTube? Or is it on your local host? Knowing where the playlist you want to embed is located will help us get you the right code! :)
  9. Thomasss

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the community! Happy to see you around!
  10. Thomasss

    Read Me Meet the Guardians!

    Love it!! :D
  11. Thomasss

    Staff Changes thread

    Welcome to the team!
  12. Thomasss

    Introducing a new style for Code Forum!

    Not going to lie, the almost transparent code forum logo, right before the footer, is amazing.
  13. Thomasss

    Introducing a new style for Code Forum!

    Love it!! :D
  14. Thomasss

    What Web-Host Do You Use?

    I perfect to use DigitalOcean as my server hosting. Recently have switched to IPS's in house cloud hosting. <3
  15. Thomasss

    Website advice

    I think it all depends on what you feel more comfortable doing. If you're able to program your own booking software, and ensure it's overall security, then I say go for it. Personally, I would use WordPress as it has those features in it already, and programming inside of WordPress is a huge...
  16. Thomasss | General Discussion Community

    It's so festive, and I love all the snow and the snow build up on the section titles. Love it! :D
  17. Thomasss


    Pleasure to meet you! What got you into Marketing??
  18. Thomasss

    HTML & CSS Make forum theme responsive

    Coming from experience, MyBB has plenty of themes (a few Bootstrap ones, too) that you can install and dive into the CSS/HTML and tweak it to your custom needs. I'd suggest using Inspect Element to make changes live. The more you do that, the easier it will be to understand CSS/HTML themes and...
  19. Thomasss

    Staff Changes thread

    Welcome to the team!
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