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    JavaScript Make Delete and Edit Buttons Work

    Here solved, simple solution to add, edit and remove
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    JavaScript Make Delete and Edit Buttons Work

    As I understand you want make a to-do list, when you clock the button add you like the itens be append in the main body? To edit you can call a Javascrit prompt, or create tour modal with these fields, cause the <div> content is not editable like <input> or <textarea>
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    Answered Add class on click?

    you can use <a onclick='yourFunction(this)'>
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    JavaScript Fire javascript on infinitely loading page

    if you want the js execute while the page is loading you can use window.onload = function() { //code or function call } window.onload = yourFunctionName(); //in jQuery $(document).ready(function(){ //function or call functions })
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    Node.JS Youtube-video-js module blocking

    Hi guys I'm stucked in this nodeJS problem, I trying to make an embed youtube server using NodeJS, the base Idea its use and youtube/cdns video with external audio sync, I 've done this in PHP but have some issues for sync. I used this example...
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