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    Lua random LUA question

    (ignore the log_msg line (syntax), it's obv wrong) i named variables hi1 hi2 and hi3 i was trying to have the log to return"0 43 912", as in, it would log all 3 variables, using a "for" to add numbers at end of the "hi", for each of the 3 vars. Is this possible somehow?
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    function sorting arrays

    so in other words, where i sort the 3rd column (points) from highest number to lowest (line 9), i want to sort 1st and 2nd columns (id and deaths) from highest to low, but instead, both must be based on the POINTS array
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    function sorting arrays

    hello peeps, sorry for the dumb question :p, i dont really program, i just do LUA modding for a game as a hobby so, i am creating this scores table (imgui) with 3 columns, where in the first column i have 8 players IDs from blue to orange then i have players number of Deaths and a third column...
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