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    C# Please help me with list <>

    Can you please refer me to a tutorial or guide to learn this?
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    C# Please help me with list <>

    I understand List in C# but How it works when it's functioning with Public class. Can you explain the following code So I clear my confusion?
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    C# Stuck understanding Array?

    What is the following code doing? string result = new string (new char[]) { 'Profile_unknown' }); Can you explain what the following code is and what it is actually doing? line by line Please the next one as well new string(new char[] { 'tdata' }
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    C What do these instructions mean for XOR encryption?

    This is a simple XOR Encryption Program written in C. Len = strlen(a1); // Length of the string XOR Encryption for ( i = 0; ; ++i ) { if (i >= Len) break; a1[i] ^= 0x50; printf("%c",a1[i]); } From the above Snippet, what does the following line of codes mean
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