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  1. nil14

    css justify content issue

    well I did solve the problem but I did what most programmers would call "dirty code" because instead of editing the whole div I had to change each <li> individually which is not smart but at least it solved the cosmetic issue that I had ......
  2. nil14

    css justify content issue

    yeah thanks for the tip but if you read the title of my post you'll see my issue is with css not html I copied that code from a tutorial and the problem only appeared after I changed a few thing on my css code ..... the cosmetic issue is what bothers me ..... anyways thanks
  3. nil14

    css justify content issue

    hmm okay guys thanks for the "help" guess I'll have to start from scratch ......
  4. nil14

    css justify content issue

    hi everyone , I'm trying to create a portfolio website and I can't put space between the list in the picture , I tried everything but I don't know what did I do wrong . code : GitHub - naex96/portfolio-website
  5. nil14

    Python Is programming for everyone?

    hey fellow coder , 1st of all coding is not for everyone , some really like it , some do it for the money and excel at it , and some just can't stand it , I can tell you from my short experience (10 months into coding) is that it works like any other language in your brain, you have to practice...
  6. nil14

    JavaScript creating a character quiz w js

    hi guys , so I want to create this "which character are you"(e.g from a movie etc) kind of quiz in which the user checks the boxes and once they submit all the checked boxes they get the result which tells them which character they are , I already have the html code ready , but could anyone give...
  7. nil14

    Returning to coding!

    good luck and a nice learning journey to you ! :coffee::alien:
  8. nil14

    JavaScript issue with blackjack game on js

    hey everyone, so I'm following that javascript tutorial on youtube where I learn to create a blackjack game and I came across this issue in which I can't render out 2 cards together on the display , I could render them out before when I set the variables to a specific number for example - " let...
  9. nil14

    Answered toggle bar not responding

    yeah it looks much better now , thank you very much !!
  10. nil14

    Answered toggle bar not responding

    hi, thanks for the reply , sorry , here's an github link
  11. nil14

    Answered toggle bar not responding

    hey a total newbie to web development here , I'm just trying to create a "slide menu"/toggle bar(?) in which you get the item list when clicking the on the the 3 lines , anybody could tell me why it's not working for me ? I copied a code from a tutorial but I don't know how to fix the problem /...
  12. nil14

    Fun activity Say hello... in a coding language!

    is_online : True if : is_online print("Hello there") else : print("Goodbye!")
  13. nil14

    Python input/function (help)

    awesome ! thank you so much .
  14. nil14

    Python input/function (help)

    hi everyone , I'm trying to create a function with which the user can type a name and get information in return. for example: "enter a country's name :" and in response you can get a the name of the continent in which the country is located (if Russia then Asia , Botswana then Africa etc) ...
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