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  1. Jenner

    Gaming Server Host

    You generally want dedicated hardware for a gaming server It's hard to get away with a $30/month virtual instance when you're talking about gaming. The typical need for amazing single-core performance, 16Gb RAM+ , SSD IO persormance and high bandwidth/low latency networking is beyond most...
  2. Jenner

    Hello World

    Everything. Completely different language. Completely different compiler. Prior to 2002, Visual Basic was a language that was compiled to native machine code similar to C++. It ran up to "version 6.0" so when talking classical "Visual Basic", one is usually referring to VB6. When Microsoft...
  3. Jenner

    Gaming Server Host

    You know, I own that one. Got it ages ago when it was VERY early access, but when I played it, it was "too new" and I shelved it to come back to later. I'll have to spin it up again and check it out now that a few years have passed!
  4. Jenner

    Hello World

    Thanks! I've always preferred the more "modern" syntax of Visual Basic. Also, I'm NOT talking "old" Visual Basic, like VB6. I'm talking the Visual Basic formerly called "Visual Basic .NET" that's part of the .NET eco-system, the same one that C# belongs to. There's nothing that I know of...
  5. Jenner

    Gaming Server Host

    I've done Minecraft, ARMA3, Valheim, ARK:Survival Evolved, Satisfactory and Conan Exiles at some point or another. Basically, most are just what me and my gaming friends fancy at the time, though the Conan server I set it up as a public RP server.
  6. Jenner

    Gaming Server Host

    I occasionally run or administer gaming servers and have shopped around and dealt with a number of hosts that provide dedicated hardware for the task. Most of the hosting companies that peddle "game servers" I've found to be rubbish for various reasons - typically though, either hiding the...
  7. Jenner

    Your Computers

    Current Main Equipment: CPU Intel i9 10900K 3.7Ghz 10C/20T 20Mb 5.3Ghz Turbo BX8070110900K CPU Cooling Noctua CPU Cooler, NH-D15 Chromax Black Motherboard ASUS Maximus XII Formula - ROG, Wifi 6, ROGMAXIMUSXIIFORMULA Memory Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB 32GB DDR4 4000Mhz, BLM2K16G40C18U4BL Video...
  8. Jenner

    C# How to compare two Sharepoint Lists and add Item from one list into the other one?

    What I would do... is I'd make a "Dictionary(of String, String)" This will make a Dictionary object with a Key of String and a Value of String. Then, I'd load your entire first list into it... the one with the Email and the Steuernummer. The KEY being the Email, the VALUE being the...
  9. Jenner

    C# Discord Bot to announnce joining specific voice channels to specific text channel, have the basic bot setup and tested working no problems! "C#"

    Thank you! I'd appreciate that! My biggest headache has always been the initialization and shutdown of these bots. Getting it to launch cleanly and connect and able to terminate cleanly on command, which I do via a boolean that kills a keep-alive and processing thread and then joins...
  10. Jenner

    C# Discord Bot to announnce joining specific voice channels to specific text channel, have the basic bot setup and tested working no problems! "C#"

    I like that. That's very similar to how I have it set up with Visual Basic as a codebase. It has some cleaner things to it so I may grab parts of it. I think the only thing I do additionally is create a DiscordSockeyConfig so I can enable some GatewayIntents to allow my bot to detect the...
  11. Jenner

    What Linux-Distro Are You Using?

    I used Mint and Ubuntu in the past, but currently am not using Linux on any of my machines.
  12. Jenner

    What do I need to do?

    We're going to need more information on this. What database system are you using? What code are you sending it?
  13. Jenner

    C# Discord Bot to announnce joining specific voice channels to specific text channel, have the basic bot setup and tested working no problems! "C#"

    I've done Discord BOT programming in .NET using Discord.NET, though my preferred programming language for .NET is Visual Basic. I can post some code and maybe convert it into C# since the languages have identical functionality but as Malcolm says, what "exactly" is "working" and "not working"...
  14. Jenner

    Question about Optical Character Recognition Software

    Essentially, this application would be broken down in the following way.... You load in a video file into it. Detecting and decoding the video format type, the application then renders a series of "frames" as images every "X" seconds - Most likely, a video engine will be needed here, such as...
  15. Jenner

    Fun activity Say hello... in a coding language!

    'Visual Basic using .NET6.0 Public Sub Main() Dim strPrevPerson As String = "Nebulous" Dim strWelcomeMsg As String = $"Hello {strPrevPerson}! Geetings everyone!" MessageBox.Show(strWelcomeMsg, "Welcome") End Sub
  16. Jenner

    Hello World

    Howdy all! Programming isn't my primary job function, but it certainly falls into secondary functions and I've been doing it since my Commodore 128 (Yea, I'm an old programmer). These days, I mostly use the .NET platform, making the transition to .NET6 and still prefer Visual Basic over C# for...
  17. Jenner

    HTML & CSS Responsive image both light and dark mode

    Good morning! I'm hoping someone can help me with something. I've been tasked with creating an email signature template for my company and have been hard at work custom crafting a block of HTML-CSS that works and looks good in all conditions... Light mode... Dark mode... standard...
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