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    Script for "team picking"

    I was planning on doing it only using html and css. But that needs to be connected to a database, right? And I would like to have the selection in real time, so the players dont have to start counting.
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    Script for "team picking"

    Hey guys. I'm new here so I don't know if my question is in the right section. Feel free to move it to the right section. So I'm starting a Fantasy Sports Manager website. Because I don't really want to give away my whole concept, let's use football as the sport. While I'm working on the design...
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    Hi everybody!

    Hey guys and girls! "Thanks" to COVID19, I decided to pick up coding and starting a game website myself. I have a very small history in coding (as in simple html and css) but want to pick up the more difficult stuff. So from now on you'll see me asking for advice a lot now. Hope I will learn a...
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