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  1. LTomy

    If s/o can help me translating my code in Python to C plsss ^^'

    Hi, Does not sound like 'help me translate it', but rather 'translate it for me' xD. Give us some context, how experienced are you with Python and C? What have you tried so far?
  2. LTomy

    Python how is this done?

    Hello, This is not really a question, but rather asking us to do it for you... Don't you know Python? Have you tried? N = [1, 2, 3, 4] def walker(n): if(0 < n and n <= len(N)) return walker(n-1) + N[n-1] else return 0
  3. LTomy

    Python Sum of Digits

    Hi austin, Next time, please use the </> button when you post code (And specify the language). The following function should have the behavior you described: def sumDigits(f, t, x): sum = 0 for i in range(f, t+1): sum = 0 num = i while not num == 0...
  4. LTomy

    The first challenge of 2021! Voting!

    Well, I trust myself xD
  5. LTomy

    The first challenge of 2021! Voting!

    If only I could go back in time!
  6. LTomy

    The first challenge of 2021! Voting!

    Damn, if I knew, I'd vote for me :laugh:
  7. LTomy

    Python HELP: Write a function that takes a string as an argument, such as "James" and then returns the following string pattern: "J1A2M3E4S".

    Hi austin, Use the button </> when you post code. def strPattern(mystr): newStr = '' mystr = mystr.upper() for c in range(0, len(mystr)-1): newStr += mystr[c] + str(c+1) if len(mystr) > 1: newStr += mystr[len(mystr)-1] return newStr...
  8. LTomy

    JavaScript Leave input:hover active if input has focus

    Hi wyclef, If the search-form is hovered AND/OR if the 'search-slide' is focused: .search-form:hover .search-slide, .search-form search-slide:focus{ left: auto; right: 100%; top: 0; }
  9. LTomy

    PHP PHP & Wordpress Memory limit not increasing

    Oh, I did not consider the possibility that she is not hosting it locally. If this is the case, yeah, the host probably does not allow it xD
  10. LTomy

    PHP PHP & Wordpress Memory limit not increasing

    Hi, I have some experience with PHP, but I do not use WordPress at all, so I can not help much... The only thing I can say: You probably did, but... Have you restarted your web server (Probably Apache?)? Otherwise, new configurations will not be taken into consideration.
  11. LTomy


    Don't ask people to reply to your posts. If they don't, it is either because they do not have the time or they do not know. Also, try figuring things by yourself first, otherwise, you will be asking questions literally all the time and you won't learn to do it by yourself.
  12. LTomy

    Hi there, I'm anna <3

    Welcome AnnaBridge :)
  13. LTomy

    Introduction - Offer of help to the community

    Welcome Moldavanka ;)
  14. LTomy


    You are a member here. I did not see you help anyone? The <br><br><br><br><br><br> increases the height of the <body>. Why isn't the background-image taking up the additionnal space? I don't know.
  15. LTomy

    JavaScript My picture has disappeared and text overlays from display html function button in javascript ctx fillText.

    Hi Tilda, A rule of CodeForum is that you must use the BBcode feature when you post code! You simply click on the </> button, append the code and select the language!
  16. LTomy

    JavaScript some kind of error in my code

    Use the button </> instead of >_ when you post multiple lines of code (And specify the language).
  17. LTomy

    JavaScript some kind of error in my code

    Pretty much the same thing. You defined a variable named 'TaskList': TaskList = JSON.parse(localStorage.savedTaskList); But later on, you use it as 'taskList.': for (let i = 0; i < taskList.length; i++) { Note that the following: if (localStorage.savedTaskList) TaskList =...
  18. LTomy

    JavaScript some kind of error in my code

    Here: tableBody.innerHTML = ""; for (let i = 0; i < taskList.length; i++) { TableBody.innerHTML += ` First you define the variable as 'tableBody' and then you write 'TableBody', so you made a mistake on its name. Next time, give us the error message please ;)
  19. LTomy


    You did for the background-image, but not for the <body> element itself. Try giving background-size: cover; to <body>? Try giving it height: 100%;?
  20. LTomy


    Well... Welcome qomiter!
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