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  1. kane12

    PHP Setting up PHP on my desktop gone wrong

    I agree with your point that, typo could be the reason you are getting error in code. Thanks.
  2. kane12

    JavaScript Question about JavaScript tutorials

    Hello, Iagree with your point that W3C Schools offer best tutorials to learn Javascript. Along with this, I found some other platforms are helpful too - Geeks for Geeks Codecademy Tutorials Point Youtube Thanks
  3. kane12

    First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.

    First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.
  4. kane12

    Hello Everyone

    I am Kane, a senior web developer. I love to share my knowledge with all community members. thanks
  5. kane12

    Data Science Career Path: Strategies for Success

    Hi, Here are some strategies that is required to become successful in Data Science: 1. Learn data wrangling, data visualization, and reporting 2. Work on your machine learning skills 3. Learn to code 4. Understand databases 5. Learn to work with big data 6. Follow and engage with the...
  6. kane12

    Best Platform to Build OTT App

    Hello, I am planning to start my OTT business, so I need to build an OTT app. Kindly suggest me the best platform for it. Thanks in advance!
  7. kane12

    C++ Understanding the Difference Between C and C++

    C is a procedural programming language that does not support classes and objects. The language supports modular programming through its rich library of pre-defined functions, facilitating the development of reusable code. C++ is an extension of C by integrating object-oriented programming...
  8. kane12

    New to web development, backend question

    Great information. I totally agree with your point that it is very important that websites have good speed because it impacts on user stability towards the website. Thanks
  9. kane12

    What is a ping?

    A ping is a fundamental Internet tool enabling users to test and confirm the existence and accessibility of a specific destination IP address within computer network administration. Thanks
  10. kane12

    HTML & CSS Gap between Nav Bar and <h1> text

    Yes, it is helpful to detect any error in the code. Thanks
  11. kane12

    Facebook integration to your website

    Great and helpful post. Thanks!!
  12. kane12

    Python Do I need someone to make a project for me?

    Hello, Could you please elaborate your query in detail so that users can understand your point clearly? Thanks
  13. kane12

    Fun activity Say hello... in a coding language!

    Here is the code - #include <stdio.h> int main() { // printf() displays the string inside quotation printf("Hello, Everyone"); return 0; } Thanks
  14. kane12

    What does assembly reference means?

    Reference assemblies are a special type of assembly that contain only the minimum amount of metadata required to represent the library's public API surface. Reference assemblies can't be loaded for execution, but they can be passed as compiler input in the same way as implementation assemblies.
  15. kane12

    css selector

    Thank you for the clarification. I was also facing the same issue in my code.
  16. kane12

    JavaScript JS audio player not working on Tumblr blog

    Yes, Duration time is not showing at my end too..
  17. kane12

    Read Me HTML & CSS Resources

    Great and Informative resources. Thank you for sharing it!!
  18. kane12

    C++ Understanding Control Structures in C++: Looping Through an Array

    Here I am sharing code example to sum integers using for loop- const arr = [23, 34, 77, 99, 324]; let sum = 0; for (let i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) { sum += arr; } console.log(sum); I hope, it works for you. Thanks
  19. kane12

    PHP The most basic PHP program is not working correctly

    Yes, removing HTML code from the string will work.
  20. kane12

    Java How to learn java

    Good and valuable information about learning Java language. Along with above mentioned points, I would also suggest you take some guidance from experts. I think, you can hire personal tutor for it to get better understanding about the language. Thanks
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