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    Adjusting popups with different screen sizes

    Hi I'm using the below call to popupnumericKeypad.html and is working fine in my screen but the problem is the size and position of this popup is not the same from other screens, so can I make my popup adjusting correctly to different screen sizes or resolutions? and this is the code in my...
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    JavaScript Get a list of available printers

    Hi guys, How can I get the list of printer in client Zen page? We currently use an ActivexObject call "MSDesign.WebLabel" to get the list of printer loaded in a dropdown in our Zen pages: webControl = new ActiveXObject("MSDesign.WebLabel"); if (webControl!=null)...
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    JavaScript Save page instead of openning it

    Hi Guys, We normally use window.open to open a page or a popup window (window.open(URTL), is there a way intead makint call to open we make it to save to a file path (eg.c:\temp) using that page url instead of opening it to the screen? Thanks
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