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    How to connect with azure SQL database without IP whitelisting

    Yes, using a Managed Identity is a secure way to connect to an Azure SQL Database without whitelisting the IP address. Here are some best practices to follow: Use a Managed Identity for authentication: This eliminates the need for credentials to be stored within Data Factory, reducing the risk...
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    JavaScript New to Javascript, have a PDF form im trying to hide text boxes and radio selections. Code just hides it all

    One thing that stands out is that you're trying to set the "display" property on each field object, but you're not actually setting it to a value. The "display" property should be set to either "display.visible" or "display.hidden" depending on whether you want to show or hide the field. Here's...
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    JavaScript Recursively Delete objects from an array of nested objects

    To recursively find and delete an object from an array structured like the one you provided, you can use a function that takes in the array and the id of the object to be deleted. Here's an example implementation: function deleteObjectById(arr: any[], id: number) { for (let i = 0; i <...
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    HTML Navigation bar links not working on my website

    To troubleshoot this issue, you can try checking the HTML and CSS code for the navigation bar on the homepage. Make sure that the code is correct and that there are no typos or syntax errors. You can also try comparing the code for the navigation bar on the homepage with the code for the...
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    Hello World

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    Want to cretae a script for FIFO

    You can use a loop to check the requested quantity against the available quantity in each lot until the requested quantity is fulfilled. Here's an example of a possible implementation in VBScript: Dim requestQty requestQty = 8 Dim lots(3) lots(0) = Array(1,2) lots(1) = Array(2,4) lots(2) =...
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    Process syncronization

    The problem could be that the child process is not completing before the parent process, so the semaphore is never posted. To solve this, you should use a synchronization mechanism like waitpid() in the parent process to ensure that the child process has completed before the parent process...
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    Need advice with getting a paid product from an api

    Yes, you can make this process more secure. Here are a few steps you can take: You can implement SSL encryption to secure the data being sent between your website and the user's browser. You can store the form data in a secure database instead of local storage, this way you can retrieve it if...
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    JavaScript ask user to install webapp

    You can prompt users to install your web app using a "beforeinstallprompt" event. Here's an example of how you can use this event to show a custom prompt to install your web app: window.addEventListener('beforeinstallprompt', (event) => { // Prevent the default prompt event.preventDefault()...
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    👋 for those who are switching careers/ have switched careers

    here are some tips to help Set achievable goals: Break down your learning objectives into smaller, achievable milestones and celebrate your progress along the way. Find a community: Joining online forums, meetups, or taking part in coding projects with others can help you stay motivated and...
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    strcpy problem

    Yes, you can put this code into a loop to work for all the movies. You can create an array of buttons or images representing each movie, and then attach the same event handler to all of them. In the event handler, you can determine which movie was clicked by comparing the movieTitle with the...
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    strcpy problem

    The code contains several issues: The cars array has only 1 element with 10 characters, but you are trying to store 3 strings in it. 'strcpy' copies a string from the source to the destination, but you are assigning the string "Tesla" to the destination, which will not work. The...
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    Java How to learn java

    Learning Java can be a great way to start your programming journey, as Java is a widely used programming language that is popular for building web, mobile, and desktop applications. Here are some steps you can follow to learn Java: Familiarize yourself with programming concepts: Before you...
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    JavaScript Jquery-popup is to wide at mobiles

    Yes, it is possible to set the width of the popup according to the width of the device. You can use JavaScript to get the width of the viewport and use that value to set the width of the popup. Here's an updated version of your code: javascript $( document ).ready(function() {...
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    File Structure for Web Development

    depends on the size and complexity of a project , but a basic and common structure is -project-root/ -assets -images -fonts -icons -styles -main.css -scripts/ -main.js -index.html -favicon.ico -README.md
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    JavaScript How to return a variable?

    $w('#datasetExamples').onReady(async function () { itemCount = await $w('#datasetExamples').getTotalCount(); }); // itemCount will be updated with the value returned from getTotalCount[/CODE]
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    C++ I have built a circuit but I am not sure how to code it

    to control a stepper motor you will need to use the arduino ide to write and upload code to the arduino board for example heres the code of how you can control the stepper motor #include <stepper.h> const int stepsPerRevolution=200; //Change this to match the number of revolutions for your...
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