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  1. Michel-may

    Node.JS Is there a better way to write this JS which is dependent on a Promise?

    One way to improve JavaScript code dependent on a Promise is by utilizing async/await syntax. This allows for more readable and concise code by avoiding nested Promise chains. Instead, async functions can await the resolution of Promises sequentially. This enhances code readability and...
  2. Michel-may

    C++ How to get C++ to identify colors in a webcam.

    To get C++ to identify colors in a webcam, you can use computer vision libraries like OpenCV. First, capture frames from the webcam. Then, apply color segmentation techniques to isolate specific colors by thresholding. Finally, analyze the segmented regions to identify and process the colors...
  3. Michel-may

    Is there a way to make an Apple app on Ubuntu?

    Developing an Apple app (iOS or macOS) directly on Ubuntu is not officially supported by Apple. Apple's development tools, such as Xcode, are primarily designed for macOS. However, developers can use cross-platform development tools like Flutter or React Native to build iOS apps on Ubuntu...
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