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    Metas Twitter

    Hi, I put the twitter metas on my website. By defaut, the image displayed is the path put in the tag twitter:image Is it possible to display the image of the page visited without to put the metas on each pages ? Thanks
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    PHP How to post the value of an input on 2 differents pages ?

    Thanks a lot. I already used of the first script (A.php). It missed me the second script (B.php) it was so simple. I searched for something complicate but it is something I already use in my site ... Silly I am Thanks for the answer
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    PHP How to post the value of an input on 2 differents pages ?

    Hello, I have a formular with an id and a name "Search" I recover the content of this formular on a PHP page (for example A.php). Is it possible to recover it on a second page ? (for example B.php) Thanks
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    JavaScript Autocompletion

    Hello Johna, Yes you are right, it works fine now ! Silly I am Thanks a lot for you help ! Ludo
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    JavaScript Autocompletion

    Hi to all, I am new there. I am looking for help for an autocompletion script . I tried to code it but ... it doesn't work 😢 Here are my codes A simple HTML input with an ID <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width...
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