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    How do I display the new comment in the comments section when added and still keep the submission ajax code?

    My code is below: $commentsQuery = "SELECT username, created_at, content FROM comments WHERE post_id ={$row['id']} ORDER BY created_at DESC"; $commentsResult = mysqli_query($con, $commentsQuery); $commentsCount = $commentsResult->num_rows; if ($commentsCount > 0) { echo "<details>...
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    How do I make this layout possible?

    I have tried many, many times to make this possible but can't figure out how to get the comments box and button to be inline with the reactions emojis and I can't get it working. It has frustrated me so much that I have thought of quitting the project but I'm hoping I won't have to and I'm...
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    PHP How do I get the video to unmute when scrolled into view but mute when out of view?

    I'm working on a social media platform and I need help fixing my code below so that when the user scrolls to a video, that specific video is unmuted and all other videos are muted, and when the user scrolls to another video, all videos are muted (including the one they just watched) and the new...
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