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  1. edenwax

    Windows XP Source Code Leak

    https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/the-windows-xp-source-code-was-allegedly-leaked-online/ I know this has been out for about a week now, but if you're running Windows now is a great time to do those Windows Updates. We don't really know how much code Windows 10 shares with XP so...
  2. edenwax

    HTML & CSS Contact form dont send email.

    What part doesnt work? Does PHP return any error? Also, yeah a lot of hosting providers turn off PHP mail() because it can be exploited fairly easily.
  3. edenwax

    What is everyone working on?

    The one I didnt like had really good ratings, but I didnt go into the reviews which was my bad. I still learned a lot, so its not so bad.
  4. edenwax

    What is everyone working on?

    I really like Udemy so far, my work paid for my courses though. The C# course I didnt like was Mosh Hamedani's C# Intermediate course. Mosh just didnt seem very interested and the course was really dry. Right now I'm doing his Master ASP.NET MVC 5 course and its been a lot of fun. I'm also...
  5. edenwax

    Helpful tools and Resources

    Haha well I can't argue with that. It still feels out of place for me though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. edenwax

    Helpful tools and Resources

    @Malcolm It may be worth pointing out that GitHub isn't really "hosting". I would amend it to "Github Pages ~ Free static site hosting" and link it to GitHub Pages instead. Then I'd put GitHub and GitLab under version control where you have Git listed. You could also add AWS S3 Buckets as a...
  7. edenwax

    I'm create a welcoming message on my profile!

    I'm create a welcoming message on my profile!
  8. edenwax

    HTML & CSS Linking Images and Text not working anymore

    The culprit seems to be position: fixed - or at least, if I remove that CSS from the .header1/.header2 classes the links work properly. Try this code instead and see if it works any better: <header class="test-header"> <div class="header1"> <a href="index.html">...
  9. edenwax

    HTML & CSS Looking for WEB practice exercises for HTML & CSS

    Ive done the Javascript course on FreeCodeCamp and I liked it. I cant speak to their HTML and CSS courses, but I imagine they are pretty good. I'd say give it a shot, it can't hurt!
  10. edenwax

    HTML & CSS I need help with a Card alignment for a product card.

    Pro-tip: try not to use CSS floats as there are much better options available now like Flexbox and Grid. I think I was able to get what you were asking for using flexbox: <section id="work"> <div class="section_title"> <h3>Galerie</h3> <p...
  11. edenwax

    HTML & CSS Audio MP3

    I tested this locally and it seemed to work fine. Using your same code, try downloading one of these test MP3s and see if you can get the audio player to work: https://file-examples.com/index.php/sample-audio-files/sample-mp3-download/ I used this exact code: <audio controls> <source...
  12. edenwax

    HTML & CSS How to make a post thread form like codeforum?

    That depends on your code. Are you saving HTML elements(div/span/h1/etc..) in your database?
  13. edenwax

    Have you ever owned a Mac?

    I love those old iMac G3s! My old high school was giving them away one year (upgraded to eMac G4s) and I missed my chance to grab one. The puck mouse was kind of awful though haha. Those old Mac Minis were neat too. I remember being mindblown at how small they were!
  14. edenwax

    What Linux-Distro Are You Using?

    You could try Lubuntu, which is Ubuntu's own lightweight variant. It replaces GNOME with LXQt, which is a lighter and easier to run on slower hardware. I can't speak to its level of polish compared to Ubuntu, however. I personally like Linux Mint as an alternative to Ubuntu. It's a fork of...
  15. edenwax

    What Linux-Distro Are You Using?

    I wanted to try something new - and I thought that it looked gorgeous. I then went on and tweaked it a ton: Now its so purdy <3
  16. edenwax

    Making Streaming Server

    If anyone wants to be able to do something like this in the future, there's Plex and a variety of alternatives you can use to Stream content over your network.
  17. edenwax

    What Linux-Distro Are You Using?

    I usually bounce between Linux Mint and Fedora, but I've recently installed SolusOS on my laptop and it's been lovely. I really enjoy tweaking Budgie with its out-of-the-box customization.
  18. edenwax

    VSC + Windows issue

    The post is old, but I'll add my two cents: @Tealk is 100% correct, Cleaners/Optimizers are usually garbage. CCleaner also tries to "clean" the registry now which is a no no. Disk Cleanup(comes with Windows) is all you'd ever need to run, and that's only if you're super low on disk space or...
  19. edenwax

    Running XAMPP on windows can be dead slow and make you frustrate

    I've been using XAMPP for something like 10+ years and never had performance issues on Windows. I never really tried using , I've always used localhost/ instead and its been fine.
  20. edenwax

    Have you ever owned a Mac?

    Ive had a few in my life time! First one was our family computer, a second-gen Intel iMac (17"/Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 Ghz/1GB RAM/160GB HDD). Thats is the computer I started coding and doing web design on! It's also still alive to this day. Its had a power supply replacement and a slight RAM upgrade...
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