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  1. CarlEOgden

    PHP update statement with ? instead of the variable

    Hi, We use stored procedures in our database and have code written so that we provide the procedure name, and an array of variables. For some information, try googling "php stored procedures" and/or here is a Stored Procedure Tutorial I realise this doesn't answer your question but by using...
  2. CarlEOgden

    PHP Microsoft Graph API - any experience? Specifically Calendar Create/Update/Delete events

    Hi If you've used and can help, I'd really appreciate it. Part of my code creates an appointment in our diary system, I've now implemented Microsoft login (using the Graph API) so I have a token. I can create an event (appointment) BUT the location doesn't show it as a true location even...
  3. CarlEOgden

    Facebook integration to your website

    Hi Has anyone implemented the facebook graph api so that their website can create posts on the accounts main timeline? What I want is for one of my users to somehow login to fb and then be able to create a post with text and x photos. Also, to be able to delete it. Cheers Carl.
  4. CarlEOgden

    How do I make this kind of website?

    I'd consider looking into Laravel and VueJS and/or livewire, along with TailwindCSS, if you search Laravel there are hundreds of youtube tutorials. If you check out the Laracasts website, there is a full tutorial and building a blog site from scratch and whilst it's long, it's brilliant. Course...
  5. CarlEOgden

    Hello world

    Hi Why don't you try:- Laracasts Laravel 8 Course or Laravel Course on YouTube It'll teach you a major framework which will include (but not limited to) Laravel/PHP/HTML/JS and link to Laravel VueJS or Alpine.JS Cheers Carl.
  6. CarlEOgden

    HTML & CSS Hover over text show image where cursor is or simply on the right side of the page in center

    You need to change your IDs in the function to change the image not the link, change to this:- function mouseOver() { document.getElementById("silo").style.display = "block"; } function mouseOut() { document.getElementById("silo").style.display = "none"; } You've put "Silo"
  7. CarlEOgden

    HTML & CSS Trouble modifying an id for an image in a div element

    Does this help any? Codepen Example Also, you can play around in Codepen and learn HTML/CSS/JS Cheers Carl.
  8. CarlEOgden

    HTML & CSS Layering images with CSS

    Hi Here is a link to Codepen and will show you a demo of what you're asking Codepen I've took this from a google search and found code example in StackOverflow.com HTH Carl.
  9. CarlEOgden

    Hello world

    What are you wanting to learn? Maybe we can point you in the direction of some free courses/videos Carl
  10. CarlEOgden

    JavaScript Query regarding import and export module in JavaScript

    You need to fixed the CORS policy error. One link I found :- Cors Error Information Regards Carl.
  11. CarlEOgden

    How I found myself on a coding forum...

    Hi VS Code is free, with loads of plug ins to help you code. YouTube is your greatest resource for learning. Jumping in at the deep end, this video/website tutorial may help you work out the basics (to quite a good level):- YouTube - How to create EastBank Landing Page HTH Carl.
  12. CarlEOgden

    JavaScript Query regarding import and export module in JavaScript

    Should this:- <script type="module" src="ImportClass.js"></script> Not read like this:- <script type="module" src="./ImportClass.js"></script> Also, open Console in dev tools and copy/paste any error messages
  13. CarlEOgden

    JavaScript Up And Down Keys

    Hi Not sure why Edge would give you an error, I used:- Codepen To test the code and show the results, I'd not tested it on a server/browser! Hope this helps! Carl.
  14. CarlEOgden

    JavaScript Up And Down Keys

    Hi (again) Ok, check these changes:- <div id="mylist"> <select id="myitems" size="5" onclick="GetSelectedText(value)"> <option value="1">Item 1</option> <option value="2">Item 2</option> </select> </div> const log = document.getElementById('myitems')...
  15. CarlEOgden

    JavaScript Up And Down Keys

    Does this help any:- <div id="mylist"> <select id="myitems" size="5" onclick="GetSelectedText(value)"> <option value="1" label="Item 1"></option> <option value="2" label="Item 2"</option> </select> </div> const log = document.getElementById('myitems')...
  16. CarlEOgden

    JavaScript Up And Down Keys

    Having re-read that document, how about trying:- document.onkeydown('keydown', function(event) { if(event.code == 'KeyZ' && (event.ctrlKey || event.metaKey)) { alert('Undo') } })
  17. CarlEOgden

    JavaScript Up And Down Keys

    Because your code is "listening" for up/down keys, the focus on your webpage might not be on document.addEventListener which is why nothing happens. On the stackoverflow page it's discussing how and where to listen for certain keys, therefore, you may need to change your javascript to do the...
  18. CarlEOgden

    For email marketing, is it worth renting a VPS when you can just create your own server?

    Would it not be better to use MailChimp to design your campaign and manage it from there?
  19. CarlEOgden

    JavaScript Up And Down Keys

    You might need to listen to the window rather than the document, I found this on stackoverflow:- StackOverflow Hope this helps! Carl.
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