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    HTML & CSS Can anyone help with this last bit?

    can anyone please help with this last bit, ive only got basic knowledge. i've just thrown this together with generic images and stuff, just to get it working first. Can alter it later but right now. I need help with changing the background image when its toggled to night theme. This is what is...
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    HTML & CSS Can someone please help?

    Maybe button was wrong word, maybe toggle would work. But when you click the moon top right it changes background and colours to night time theme. And then sun for day time. what I want is when you click on one of the menu options a box will appear in center that has writing or etc related to...
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    HTML & CSS Can someone please help?

    Basically, I want to link content boxes? I think they are called where border around the text, linked with the menu. But I can't figure out how to do it. I think the problem is the day and night button, as I can get a box on the day cycle but it vanishes for the night. Any help would be much...
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