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  1. CodeFilez

    JavaScript Need help with JavaScripts reduce() function

    @menator01 is exactly correct. There were no arguments passed and the starting value is zero. The args variable is passed and set as an array by the spread operator. reduce can take the two parameters a being the element of the array as it loops through it and b being the value stored in memory...
  2. CodeFilez

    C# Vector3

    Imagine you specify the location of a character in a 2D game by only the X & Y coordinates. In order to store the coordinates you would create a Vector2 type variable which requires x & y. Now imagine you upgrade the game to 3D. You now have to account for coordinate Z in 3D space. Vector3 is...
  3. CodeFilez

    C# GameObject[] error

    I know you stated you solved the issue, but I believe the issue stems from GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Animobject") returning an array of GameObjects. Therefore you can't access the GetComponent function directly from the results which in this case is an array of GameObjects. You can...
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