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    JavaScript Help with constants file

    I have a global constants file where I added a links node to it but I'm not sure how to translate that from the constants file into the html file or possibly ts file. constants file export const GlobalConstants = { AOApiPath...
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    How to align table with other table components on same page

    OK I don't understand. You asked me what my reasoning is for using?? You might want to be more specific in what you are asking. What did you mean by ' but I do not understand the reasoning you are using.' I put a div tag there to style it as you can see in the css file I posted by using class...
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    How to align table with other table components on same page

    Hi my reasoning for using this is I am adding an overlay badge, which is what the 'Account Overview has a New Look' is, above the balance, which is the 'Welcome'. So basically the 'Account Overview has a New Look' overlay badge to the top of the page. Does that make sense?
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    How to align table with other table components on same page

    I’m trying to get the table underlined in the image below to line up with the ‘Notifications’ table that is to the right of it and also line up with the ‘Welcome’ table below up. So it basically aligns pushed over to the left with ‘Welcome’ and top and bottom line up with 'Notifications to the...
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    HTML How to create a hamburger sidebar menu attached to top menu

    I need help attached a sidebar menu on to the the top menu. I have attached a image of what it looks like with the sidebar menu detached from the top menu. I want to move it up to the top menu as a hamburger menu. I shortened the side menu html because there is too many menu items so they won't...
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    HTML & CSS Unable to get sass file to override existing stylesheet

    I have a sass file that I want to override the existing stylesheet but I'm unable to see the sass override when I inspect in the browser. I included a screen shot that doesn't show the design system and override: _titlebar.scss - variable used from design system...
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    HTML & CSS Eliminate extra space after selection in dropdown

    There is extra space after selection in the Site dropdown. I believe this is a css issue but I'm not sure what I need to eliminate the extra space. I tried putting padding-bottom:.25em which got it closer but still too much space. Can someone please help me with a solution?
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