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  1. TableFlipGod

    How to bypass any chromebook

    This is not a tutorial but a theory of what i did. Our school uses securly along with gogaurdian. bigmistake they made is that the extensions download and connect to the same domain xx.gogaurdian.com, securly.com so in theory if you create a dns server to block those urls. then you're good to go.
  2. TableFlipGod

    Making Streaming Server

    A) your mc server didnt work because windows firewall. B) i decided to scratch that and just get the file from purchased dvd for when im not home and dont wanna carry around 5k dvds or pay for netflix they have nothing anyway. C) My mom lets me do somewhat whatever i want as long as its legal...
  3. TableFlipGod

    Making Streaming Server

    Least likely to use python. And yes you can its called PORT FORWARDING. Thats how you connect to a minecraft server. But the way mine works is that its the only server with open ports with an index.html so its Public thus only that directory can be accessed
  4. TableFlipGod

    Making Streaming Server

    You can access the movie if i give you my ip. The server is public its just designing it and adding the movies which isnt hard. I dislike php due to security issues and the ability for sql injection and so many other things. Also windows is bugged for me.
  5. TableFlipGod

    Making Streaming Server

    I figured out that if i just put the movies into my [/SPOILER] folder then i just go to my public ip xx.xx.xx.xx and then put xx.xx.xx.xx/MediaServer/movies/Movie.mp4. This works fine but i plan on making my own app in the future. and also i plan on using this for my friends at school. So i can...
  6. TableFlipGod

    Making Streaming Server

    Ok so, basically i want to make myself a movie server and a website that goes along with it. I already have everything planned out. Its just that I need to know how to stream data from my raspberry pi to my website. I know a few methods but im just getting a bit confused. So if i have my mp4...
  7. TableFlipGod

    O/S 2

    Never heard of it but good luck with finding answers :)
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