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  1. joeworkman


    This CSS is setting the opacity to 0. I assume that something should be adding a class to change that to opacity 1. Whatever is doing that is not getting the job done.
  2. joeworkman

    Im having some issues with Json and PHP on HTML website

    You can verify in the Network tab of the dev inspector the output of your http request. I am pretty sure you will see that the response is not just JSON. It also includes HTML from a PHP error.
  3. joeworkman

    Im having some issues with Json and PHP on HTML website

    Its possible that your PHP is generating warnings or errors and is sending that along with the JSON. PHP tends to output HTML with it's errors. You can control how PHP sends it's errors... PHP: Error Handling - Manual
  4. joeworkman

    JavaScript JavaScript Presentation issue

    You are 78 and you just said "Peace Out"... Niiiice! Good luck with your project.
  5. joeworkman

    JavaScript Refreshing Select tag

    I am not sure what the SetComponents line is, is that valid JS? You are setting opt.value to be vals however, that is an array. The same thing is going on with the option label. Plus, you are setting the values to be the exact same thing for every iteration of your for loop.
  6. joeworkman

    PHP How to encrypt AND decrypt passwords?

    Sorry for the delay. This seems like a horrible idea to me. The entire point of the password hashing is that it's a one way street. Also in my opinion, you should never email passwords in plain text. You are opening up a big security hole.
  7. joeworkman

    Hi, I am Joe!

  8. joeworkman

    PHP How to encrypt AND decrypt passwords?

    I am not sure of your whole implementation. Why can you not just use the password hashing that is built into PHP? https://www.php.net/manual/en/book.password.php
  9. joeworkman

    Better way to scale than vw

    You might want to look into clamp. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/clamp
  10. joeworkman

    Hi, I am Joe!

    Thanks. I have been coding PHP for somewhere around 13 years. I am currently building a new flatfile CMS in PHP.
  11. joeworkman

    JavaScript Ajax - how to load a website and receive data fra extern URL

    Great advice on utilizing JavaScript to execute the fetch function. I would add one more piece of advice. You should not use file_get_contents to fetch a URL. You really should be using curl instead. https://www.php.net/manual/en/curl.examples-basic.php
  12. joeworkman

    PHP Vlucas doesn't work.

    Because you have set use Dotenv\Dotenv; in the code, you then only reference that class as purely Dotenv. You then need to update this code to look like this... $dotenv = Dotenv::createImmutable("../");
  13. joeworkman

    Extending footer all the way to the left

    Its really impossible to say from just the snippets that you provided. There could be other CSS on the page affecting things. You could try putting a margin:0 on the footer. That could help. If you have a live URL, we might be able to help more.
  14. joeworkman

    Hi, I am Joe!

    Hello everyone, I’m Joe Workman, and I run a no-code web software business over at Weaver’s Space. I have spent the last 15 years creating software to help web designers solve problems and simplify their work. You might also be familiar with the Foundation Framework, a popular front-end web...
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