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  1. abhiweb_admec

    JavaScript Resources for learning JavaScript?

    If you want to start learning JavaScript its better to join an institution for proper guidance cause its very important for anyone learning web development. Do no opt for any course that shows you recorded videos they just make you more confused. Here is the course I recommend from ADMEC...
  2. abhiweb_admec

    HTML & CSS inserting image in html page

    Its just a typo error of opening and closing of quotes. Here's a tip use the classes for styling the html elements that will help you in long run. <img src="MYPIC.JPEG" alt="My Picture in Office" width="350" height="200">
  3. abhiweb_admec

    Fun activity Say hello... in a coding language!

    <h1 id="hereismyname"></h1> let fullname = { greetings: "Hello There", intro: "My name is", firstName: "Abhishek", middleName: "Vivek", lastName: "Sinha" }; let displayName = () => { let myname = ""; for (let key in fullname)...
  4. abhiweb_admec

    JavaScript How to Make an Element Disappear from the Screen Without It Glitching?

    The effect can be created with the combination of using both opacity and display none properties. Firstly start decreasing the value of the opacity to 0 and when it becomes zero then check for it and apply display none this will appear as the element is becoming transparent and after that its...
  5. abhiweb_admec

    JavaScript FUCTION

    You are passing the arguments in wrong place and calling function somewhere else and what ends up happening is when you are passing the values it works but you are not previewing that and when are previewing it you are not passing the value. I think you are very confused how a function works in...
  6. abhiweb_admec

    HTML & CSS Changing position of sign in and sign up form

    Its quite easy actually all you need to do is use display:flex; CSS property on the parent of both the div elements and it will make them inline there is a lot more properties that are used along with flex to position the div in the ways you want and these can be made responsive as well...
  7. abhiweb_admec

    HTML & CSS Can't make work owl.carousel.js

    Hi @SpongeBOB There are alternatives of owl carousel, yes it is used by many but for beginners its difficult to work with: anyways I have linked a file for owl carousel with all the necessary links and images. It is a working slider of course. The alternatives: if you are still confused then...
  8. abhiweb_admec

    HTML & CSS trouble with css selectors combining

    Heres's a solution to the given problem for you need to target the changes with help of id and use pseudo-class to trigger the change like so #chk_1:checked + .cl2 { opacity: 1; } .cl2 { opacity: 0; } <div class="cl1"> <label for="chk_1"...
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