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    Web Search Engine

    I have extended the search engine with an anonymous search. The search query is not displayed in the address bar and the page is encrypted. There has also been an index update and some improvements to the web interface. Anonymous Web Search
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    Web Search Engine

    Hello friends! Big data fascinates me, that's why I put websearchengine.org online. The index is constantly being expanded and i will also expand the web interface. Try a search with WebSearchEngine.org I'm looking forward to your visit and comment Tuxy
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    Internet Address Database

    thank you for your feedback!
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    Database design

    I would like to save the website keywords in a database so that i can create a tag cloud function. How should I design the database? Which tables should I create? Thank you
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    Internet Address Database

    Hello, i have created a web application that outputs information about domain and ip addresses. what can I add or improve? what do you think of the site? Thanks for your visit domainfo.org
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