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  1. Malcolm

    Hi, my name is Annabelle

    That's awesome! Great work. I've been expanding my knowledge of CSS/Javascript myself lately. He's been pretty busy lately, but I'll tell him you await his response.
  2. Malcolm

    Hi, my name is Annabelle

    Howdy @Annabelle5893 Welcome to Code Forum! You're breaking down barriers not just for yourself but for others. Kudos to you. We're truly happy to have you here on Code Forum. :) What coding languages do you know?
  3. Malcolm

    Whats up with your store page

    No problem :)
  4. Malcolm

    I actually like the temporary theme

    Hi @durangod, We normally provide at least three themes at a given time: Main/light, Main/Dark, and then a fallback one, which is likely to be this one. We do this so that when the primary theme has an issue, we can always switch to the minimal one. But to answer your question, you can switch...
  5. Malcolm

    Whats up with your store page

    Hey Durangod, Thanks for reaching out! It'll most likely be put on pause soon as I haven't been able to work on it for a few months now.
  6. Malcolm

    How do I align one image left in the header and one image right?

    No question is stupid! If you want us to look over it, feel free to share. But awesome work Edrol :)
  7. Malcolm


    Howdy Cedric, Welcome back to the Code Forum! We're glad to have you back. What languages are you familiar with?
  8. Malcolm

    Hello All

    Hello @durangod Welcome to Code Forum! :) What coding languages do you know?
  9. Malcolm

    Scaling issue

    Okay, so here's what I got. I had to do some things, like linking external CSS files, which may be different from what you have, so you may have to make some adjustments. Here are my changes: Removed excess <br> tags. Wrapped <nav> tags around navigation. Wrapped intro text into it's own div...
  10. Malcolm

    Scaling issue

    So I'm taking a crack at this and had to do a bit of restructuring; although not quite done, here's what I have so far: Once I get everything structured I'll try to tackle your main issue
  11. Malcolm

    Scaling issue

    Hey can you include all your HTML/CSS code?
  12. Malcolm

    .store / .shop, Which should be used for an e-commerce store?

    Similar to what @JosiahMaybe mentioned, they are about the same. However, the way I think of it is that a store is more like your website, dedicated to being a store, e.g., a grocery store. Whereas a shop, I get a museum shop type of vibe. It's not the main attraction but something a user can...
  13. Malcolm

    Mariadb: Need help querying multiple WHERE LIKE conditions

    I tried looking into the docs but wasn't able to find the information about multiple conditions. Did I miss it somewhere in the docs?
  14. Malcolm

    Mariadb: Need help querying multiple WHERE LIKE conditions

    Thank you! Much appropriated.
  15. Malcolm

    Hello there!

    That's awesome! Thanks for sharing :) What sort of websites have you built? Have any screenshots for them? No pressure of course! And definitely if you ever need any help feel free to ask :)
  16. Malcolm

    Mariadb: Need help querying multiple WHERE LIKE conditions

    I see what I did wrong. I'm missing the column name in my second condition. The correct way of doing this is WHERE value LIKE "value1" OR value LIKE "value2" Also, removed the `AND`s because I meant to use OR.
  17. Malcolm

    Mariadb: Need help querying multiple WHERE LIKE conditions

    Hi folks, I'm trying to query values that match certain conditions using Mariadb. Currently, I have a WHERE statement with: WHERE value LIKE "value1" OR LIKE "value2"; however, after running, I get an error stating there's an error with my syntax (I may be confusing MySQL syntax, which is...
  18. Malcolm

    JavaScript help with an assignment

    Hi @inoa Welcome to Code Forum! To properly address your issues, please post your code directly in the thread and provide more details about what isn't working.
  19. Malcolm

    Read Me Code Forum is looking for members to join our team!

    Positions are available :)
  20. Malcolm

    Hello there!

    <h1>Hello @ivonsurf123!!</h1> Welcome to Code Forum :) What inspired you to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?
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