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  1. Mangini

    JavaScript JS working in Firefox not Chrome/Safari

    At first glance your script may not be passing the $ through jQuery correctly for full browser support. When I copied the code into my test site I immediately got this error: I've fixed this error in the past by passing the $ down the script like so: jQuery( document ).ready( function( $ ) {...
  2. Mangini

    HTML & CSS BACKground image and back- color

    I can see that, try reading my post again and you will see how it answers your question.
  3. Mangini

    JavaScript My picture has disappeared and text overlays from display html function button in javascript ctx fillText.

    I'd like to help you out but I just don't understand the end goal from what you've provided here. Can you setup something like a jsFiddle or Codepen so we can see it for ourselves?
  4. Mangini

    PHP PHP & Wordpress Memory limit not increasing

    Lol, well I just assumed she was using a web host and didn't consider the possibility of it being local. Two faulty assumptions hopefully will get @AnnaBridge to a solution. :Rofl:
  5. Mangini

    Introduction - Offer of help to the community

    Hi Joshua, welcome to Code Forum! I respect anyone who wants to learn development in the UI/UX design field as it makes it far easier to work together and the mockups tend to be more realistic from a coding perspective. Sounds interesting, what benefits does AI offer to a chef?
  6. Mangini

    Hi there, I'm anna <3

    Awesome, my two favorite internet subjects. Welcome to Code Forum! Sounds like an ambitious project. :D
  7. Mangini

    PHP PHP & Wordpress Memory limit not increasing

    It is worth trying @LTomy's suggestion and if that still doesn't work it may be possible your web host doesn't allow you to increase the PHP memory. That may be worth opening a ticket for if you run out of possible solutions.
  8. Mangini

    HTML & CSS BACKground image and back- color

    Inline CSS almost always overwrites stylesheet CSS. Because background-color and background-image do two different things and can both be applied at the same time. If you were to use: <body style="background:lightblue;"> You will not see the background image anymore. ----- Also, please stop...
  9. Mangini

    PHP Help with a small php problem

    It may be worth starting a new thread for this new topic. I'm not 100% sure but that sounds like something that pretty much any webhost already does, so you can begin writing the functions you need to send an email. I appreciate more than anybody about coding things for yourself, but maybe it's...
  10. Mangini

    What is the best freelancing platform?

    I'll be "that guy" and say the best freelance platform is the one you create for yourself with client stories, a portfolio, and contact form. :D Otherwise I have nothing to add as I have never gotten work off a site other than my own.
  11. Mangini

    CSS Mobile menu not visible

    There is a class called text-black being added to the hamburger menu icon which is making the menu icon invisible. The best answer is to remove that class if you are able to, because otherwise you will have to use a custom CSS snippet with an !important hack to override the text-black selector...
  12. Mangini

    page 2 of search results not working

    We need more info. Page 2 loads fine when clicking through in the page nav:
  13. Mangini

    HTML & CSS Background problemn

    Must be some browser/OS differences, going back to the quirk @Hassapiko was referring to. Those same codes give me nothing in my own tests. A larger point to be made is setting a height on elements is not great practice anyway, but a useful beginner's exercise for understanding HTML and CSS.
  14. Mangini

    Fun activity What was your biggest coding "Aha!" moment?

    Like a lot of others here, coding has been a part of my life for a long time. Like any other skill one masters, a deep connection is developed within your mind and body to the craft. I don't know how crazy this sounds but there are certain file names, functions, and other blocks of code that I...
  15. Mangini

    HTML & CSS Background problemn

    A div element's height is set by the content inside of it. In your example you have an empty div and are trying to set the height as a percentage, which is a relative measurement, and with no content inside the div you are essentially saying "make this height 40% of 0" which of course equals zero.
  16. Mangini

    There's never been a better time to be a coder...

    That's awesome. From the moment the "pandemic" started I had a strong urge to keep innovating in my own business. I could tell a lot of grief was being spread and I thought my answer could be to keep creating and share art to hopefully embolden my small share of the world's attention. I hope a...
  17. Mangini

    Need guidance

    Do you care to expand on what fears you have? I work as a fulltime WordPress developer and try to think about its future as well, but then I get distracted by a client request or a new plugin idea that can be built! All kidding aside this is a healthy think to really think about and my answer...
  18. Mangini

    Roblox Door Script only effects one player

    Definitely better. I don't know the programming language so I won't be helpful syntax wise, but generally when you are looking to expand code that works in a single instances to work repeatedley you want to think in terms of loops.
  19. Mangini

    Read Me How did you find us?

    I found CodeForum in the XenForo forum showcase. I've joined a couple other webmaster communities from there but haven't found the same appeal I've found here. Great work on the forums, team.
  20. Mangini

    Read Me COMPLETED: joins forces with to fight against AIDS/HIV

    Does anybody know what happened to Forumer? Is @Thomasss okay?