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  1. Ash

    starting a social media

    Nothing stupid about it really. I thought it was going to be a difficult thing to do but during my gap year, I ended up coding a gaming social network and forum from scratch. It wasn't perfect but it was a nice project - The most important thing to start off is with...
  2. Ash

    What is everyone working on?

    The first time I'm hearing about Hugo. Thanks for sharing it because it looks pretty interesting so I'll be checking it out :thumbsup:
  3. Ash

    What is everyone working on?

    I had a very fun (not really) task of creating a TCP client using Java as a piece of university coursework. Got the basics done so far including a GUI which was extremely fun to create (again, not really). Can't wait to be done with it and submit it
  4. Ash

    HTML Problems with Images

    Yeah, this would be useful. Or uploading the files (including the .HTML document and the image files in the appropriate folder) to a free host so that we can see it for ourselves. The code works for me on my side as well.
  5. Ash

    The first challenge of 2021! Voting!

    Am I allowed to vote for myself :x3: ? Good luck to everyone :)
  6. Ash

    HTML Problems with Images

    @Silver-Chimes Make sure that the file name in the img tag has .jpg and not .jpeg. So, your code after the corrections you mentioned previously should look like this now: <h2>Various Holiday Images</h2> <p style="text-align:center;"> <img src="images/swissalps.jpg" alt="Holiday Image"...
  7. Ash

    The first challenge of 2021! Submissions closed!

    @Sago Technically your code had to have the text "Hello, I'm (yourname)!" 👀
  8. Ash

    HTML Problems with Images

    Something I like to do when I have this problem is to view the page source, right-click on the image link and open it. If it appears then the src is correct and it might be a browser issue. If it doesn't, the image src value might be wrong. EDIT Could it be the extra img tag that hasn't been...
  9. Ash

    The first challenge of 2021! Submissions closed!

    A very hacky way of doing it but I've been away from coding for so long, it's going to have to make do :x3:. Will give a different looking "colourful" introduction every time it is run. <?php $arr = array("Hel","lo,"," I", "'m", " A", "s", "h", "!"); foreach ($arr as &$value) { echo...
  10. Ash

    Building a social networking site

    I built a gaming social network as a side project and it was quite interesting. It was a big learning experience because I was learning about things that I had not done before and it was difficult. Depending on the complexity, it could be an interesting project. The first thing that you need to...
  11. Ash

    Show | General Discussion Community

    I'm happy to say that we hit the big milestone of 20,000 posts yesterday at Discussion Hub! And we managed to do this before our first year anniversary in late May 2021 which is a great achievement. Come on over and celebrate with us at ;)
  12. Ash

    JavaScript need help with really simple Javascript

    Hey @hahahanne! Welcome to the forum. I just spend a little while looking at your code, baffled as to why it wasn't working as well. And then I noticed a little something that fixed it! Your code here is missing a comma (between the 75 and 150): ctx.fillRect(75,75 150, 150);
  13. Ash

    What Web-Host Do You Use?

    I'm currently using two different hosts as well like Cam!. At the moment, my forum and portfolio is hosted with USHost247. And my other WordPress project which I'm working on for my dad is hosted with InterServer
  14. Ash

    Show | General Discussion Community

    Latest Statistics: Messages - 15,141 Threads - 1,231 Members - 109 Come on over and join the discussion @
  15. Ash

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Code Forum!

    Slightly late but Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!
  16. Ash

    Read Me COMPLETED: joins forces with to fight against AIDS/HIV

    That is amazing. I will try to post quite a bit whenever I'm free to help the cause! Well done everyone :)
  17. Ash

    Show | General Discussion Community

    Thank you very much Thomasss :) Our advent celebrations are going well and there is still time for everyone to get involved. Come on over and take part in some special Christmas discussions, tag along to our planned Christmas Movie club, or just open the latest Discussion Hub Advent Calendar door!
  18. Ash

    Staff Changes thread

    Congratulations on the new position @Thomasss :)
  19. Ash

    What is everyone working on?

    As part of one of my university modules, I will be planning and then developing something for my workplace as part of my internship. Still brainstorming different ideas at the moment though
  20. Ash

    Show | General Discussion Community

    Prepare yourselves for a very special Christmas look on Discussion Hub, some mini-contests and our very own advent calendar! With the addition of our limited-time event Christmas section, you can also take part in some great Christmas related discussions :) Come on over and celebrate Christmas...