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  1. Antero360

    C# I need help

    Hey! glad to hear you decided to learn C#. Best advice on how to start that I can give you: youtube search "C# for beginners" and find yourself a good channel, and roll with it. Learn the basics following along. For more practice, and for a bit of inspiration, google search "github c# projects"...
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    HTML look for a neat HTML editor.

    Aside from Visual Studio, and Notepad++, I have used Komodo IDE in the past. Komodo works pretty well. Any IDE would work nicely for html. The tool really doesn't matter, what matters is how well you can code with the tool. Knowing the tool is secondary...
  3. Antero360

    JavaScript .every method with function

    Hey there, lol, don't worry about how long you take to research a particular question. The longer you take, the better you become at sifting through the noise in order to get your answer :) now in regard to line 12: let inStock = order.every(item => inventory[item[0]] >= item[1]); so.. lets...
  4. Antero360

    HTML Help with paths

    using absolute paths will work.. provided you never move any files around or rename anything.. best practice is to use relative paths for all internal site pages, and only absolute paths if it is necessary or for external links
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    HTML Help with paths

    doing "../dist/" will attempt to reach the parent directory of 'dist', which will break the build if the file you are trying to reach is not there. IF you moved everything over to the public_html directory, you should just be able to do a relative path on there [ '/dist/draggabilly.pkgd' ]...
  6. Antero360

    C++ McAfee quarantines simple code

    I think the better question is... what are you really trying to do with your code lol. McAfee, or any other AV/antimalware will only flag code that may have a signature similar to any known virus/malware...
  7. Antero360

    Administrator is normal, but normal user "Run as administrator" is failed (Windows)

    I think this may help..
  8. Antero360

    Administrator is normal, but normal user "Run as administrator" is failed (Windows)

    Not sure what you are really having issues with... also, do you have administration rights to the machine you are logging as Admin in?
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    CSS How to execute different site php in css

    My question is... why are you interested in that particular vulnerability?
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    Downtime Cron that sends an email?

    why not use ping?
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    HTML mailto command is adding + signs in the mail.

    Also.. in regard to the browser throwing the error comment:
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    starting a social media

    Youtube is your best friend :)
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    starting a social media

    It is possible lol. The question now becomes: what frameworks/stacks to use for the front and back end... There's plenty of languages to choose from that work well with web development (C#, Visual Basic(VB) and for the ASP.NET framework...python for Flask and Django, javascript for jquery...
  14. Antero360

    starting a social media

    Are you looking to have a already made platform where you can just add content and switch out themes and all that.. or are you looking either build it yourself or have a team build it from the ground up? With my question, I am referring to possibly using website builders like wix, wordpress...
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    This Website is Green?

    Earth day? Maybe?
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    C# Password System with internal bank account which you can withdraw money from! (C#)

    A little condescending, don't you think?
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    C# filling up record list from text file

    What you can do is read all the text into an array, and then passing the array as a parameter in the the list creation. string[] data = File.ReadAllLines(path); List<string>dataList = new List<string>(data);
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    HTML mailto command is adding + signs in the mail.

    Here is how you can take care of that, and make the email less accessible to crawlers/bots Here's another great resource on using mailto:
  19. Antero360

    HTML mailto command is adding + signs in the mail.

    It's not really a security issue per se, it just makes email harvesting easier. First thing that will get scraped will be the mailto links, followed by any emails within a page. It is easier to just add the email as an image, that way the email may be read by human eyes, but not picked up as...
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    Java The sorting method below feels very arbitrary. I've tried values to understand it but am still Confused. Any help/tips will be appreciated.

    Hi there! not sure if you came across this already or not, but this video here helped me a ton trying to understand sorting in Java when I first started out coding...maybe it can help you understand too! The video goes through most of the sorting algorithms, insertion sort is towards the end...