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  1. simong1993

    PHP Generating unique txID or Using auto_increment in SQL

    for me i have used both, if i can i use the ID in the database under auto increment i will but i would assume its easier to explain to a newbie how to use your code to Auto Increment rather then trying to explain how to setup a sql database properly lol
  2. simong1993

    HTML & CSS Displaying text on mouse hovering over image

    Hey, try this on for size, you was missing quite a bit of the CSS <div class="list-group-item"> <div class="row container"> <div class="col-12 col-md-4 vertical-center-col"> <img class="img-thumbnail image"...
  3. simong1993

    PHP Can Someone help me send this web form to "welcome.php" to my email address [email protected]

    Have a read of this Its not too hard to send a email but make sure to sanatise the data
  4. simong1993

    PHP PHP Development For Cryptocurrency?

    PHP is awesome and ive used it for many years but honestly Python just blows it out of the water, for ease, for adaptability, for readability and its so much more fun for me it could never go back to PHP. Saying that, i can see PHP being more secure, it just glows a sense of security to me, the...
  5. simong1993

    When you're changing career paths.

    Hey Brandon, so my first question is why? This may sound like a open ended question but you need to ask your self, what is the end goal. What do i want to do. Do i want to build programs, robot systems, weather machines but still be able to built scrapers and autonomous scripts then python would...
  6. simong1993

    PHP Can Someone help me send this web form to "welcome.php" to my email address [email protected]

    Do you mean you have a php page called welcome.php with the code in to send the email or do you need help coding to get a email sent?
  7. simong1993

    Python Dealing with 1205 (HY000): Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction

    I will admit, i would rather solve the issue then pay more but i cant seem to find the issue :( I think my best bet is to change from mysql.connect to something that can handle the errors and deal with them, this is the current path i am looking at :)
  8. simong1993

    Python Dealing with 1205 (HY000): Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction

    Done both of them, the strange thing was when i checked i was getting the lock but nothing was on the Main Database as a connection, it appears my PI4b was my issue. I have now moved to a 8GB 4 Core external server and i do get the lock from time to time but its usually when i over do it, i also...
  9. simong1993

    Can you leave a feedback about my forst web design?

    Wow your good, also its nice to see that this is your work and not a theme or drag and drop. I mean man you should be proud as punch, your way past junior level that's just incredible
  10. simong1993

    HTML Form-based text entry system

    Hiya, so you need PHP and SQL, so what you can do is do a forum with name and hair, they submit the data then on the next page you pull the data from the table and populate the fields. This should get you started :D
  11. simong1993

    Python Dealing with 1205 (HY000): Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction

    Guys and girls i am pulling my hair out. I know this is because you have two querys needing the same info and they time each other out. Is there a way of checking if a database is in use then waiting for it or if they come across a lock cancel what its doing and try again. Thanks all :D
  12. simong1993

    PHP New to php, help needed!

    Hey and welcome :D you are in need of cookies and no not the ones you eat :D Have a look at the link and tell me if this helps :D
  13. simong1993

    HTML Display x of more than x lines in <div> block(s) on html page randomly

    Have a read of the link i sent you :D Here is a example - <?php $Div5 = 1; setcookie($Div5, time() + (86400 * 30), "/"); // 86400 = 1 day ?> <html> <body> <?php if($_COOKIE[$Div5] != 1) { echo "Put Div 5 in here"; } ?> </body> </html> I haven't tested but...
  14. simong1993

    Raspberry Pi Cases

    So when you get your PI Zero it has no USB charging, it needs to be powered via a micro USB, bit of a pain for cables. So what this does is its a board that attaches to the bottom and connects a USB port to the micro USB bottom connections so i can power it via USB like so. The blue lights are 3...
  15. simong1993

    Small project ideas

    You could run a SQL server from it, Python scripts, websites, If you have a 3d printer that could run it. i think we need a section dedicated to RPI's :D I use mine to run PythonScripts using ubuntu and my printer and ill have one running the automated house and lawn mower soon :D
  16. simong1993

    Small project ideas

    *Pulls out list of tasks* What about a speed monitor, so you know internet company's must stick to a speed. I at some point want to build a script that every hour takes figures and adds then to a excel sheet but i might do a database. Email scraper is fun, i build them just...
  17. simong1993

    Raspberry Pi Cases

    Ive attached a image with the Pi Zeros hooked up and the PI4b at the back but your cant see it much :D The blue glow is just to tell me they are turned on, i could solder them off but i quite like the blue glow :D I have got quite a few, i do how ever need another Pi4 for my lawn mower as i...
  18. simong1993

    HTML & CSS Song Request

    Glad i could help :D make sure to click the little tick on the right hand side, it makes my answer as the solution :D Gives me a massive ego boost but also helps others in the future :D
  19. simong1993

    Fun activity Hello world

    Hey and welcome :D took me a little while to realise that, that's a strawberry :D think another coffee is needed lol
  20. simong1993

    HTML Email Address Verification with Two Step Form

    I cant keep up with where i am helping you at the moment :D Sorry if ive missed any :) So this one its quite easy, first with the url you send them to check you need to make sure its URL?check=simong1993, add this to the email. Now when they click the email, on the verification page do...