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  1. Krygore


    Are we associated with Github or have any tutorials for the use of github? I'm having a hard time understanding the guides from the actual website. It's like you almost have to be proficient in code just to use it... I really want to be able to share what I'm working on and have the ability to...
  2. Krygore

    HTML & CSS Dual float property in single div

    I am attempting to put an image in a div that includes multiple paragraphs, that being said, I have the div set to "p class='floatLeft'" and an id tag for the image with CSS properties that float right. How can I remove the paragraph background from behind the image and have it wrap the same as...
  3. Krygore

    Editor of Choice

    What is your text editor of choice? What do you use? Why? How do you have it set up? I have used Notepad, Sublime Text 3, and Visual Studio Code. So far, VSC has been my favorite! Easy on the eye themes, split screens, text/link prediction, etc. I use the High Contrast theme setting because I...
  4. Krygore

    HTML & CSS Image alignment

    I have two issues that I am currently facing. First, I'm having issues getting an image to align to the right hand side of the page with the text to the left, capable of wrapping underneath the image. Like a standard web page would show. Second, I would like to change the color of linked text...
  5. Krygore

    My First Project- Skyrim Game Manual (Player Edition)

    Hello! I am just starting my own project, primarily to see what I can do and how I can apply it as I learn it, but also because my wife and I are HUGE Skyrim fans! She has multiple notebooks with handwritten notes on where to find special and unique items, locations for hard quests and...
  6. Krygore

    HTML & CSS Image Background with HTML

    Is it possible to post an image as a background for a header using only HTML? Or is CSS absolutely necessary to that styling effect?
  7. Krygore

    Hey Ya'll

    Hey ya'll! I just started learning from the absolute basics about a week ago, HTML code writing. I'm absolutely in love with it! I find it FUN and CHALLENGING! I've picked up a little bit of CSS as well but hope to learn even more! My goals are to be able to develop a website and maybe do a...