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    Help with changing this sql code

    I didn’t write this web script code, but I’m trying to modify it. I am attempting to have this: $get_videos = $db->rawQuery("SELECT DISTINCT(, v.* FROM u_paid_videos AS upv LEFT JOIN " . T_VIDEOS . " AS v ON (upv.id_video = WHERE upv.id_user = {$user->id} AND upv.session_key =...
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    PHP resolved--

    In the php file this works successfully: // add data to table $insert_buy = $db->insert('u_paid_videos', [ 'id_user' => $user_id, 'video_play_price' => (string)$video_cost_new, 'id_video' => $video_id, 'user_id_uploaded' => $video->user_id...
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    PHP ----

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    JavaScript How to set a delay of 1 second to this js?

    This timer works successfully, but I'd like to add a 1 second delay before it starts, here's the code: var Clock = { totalSeconds: 0, start: function () { if (!this.interval) { var self = this; function pad(val) { return val > 9 ? val : "0" + val; } this.interval...
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    CSS Help with centering wrapped text

    I have tried many many ways to center this text without it wrapping in the middle of the page without success. Actually, it is centered but in a long vertical display, where the text lines wrap. Any suggestions to unwrap text but keep it centered are welcomed: #marquee { //position...
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    PHP Help with redirect after Upload

    The code I'm using on a web page allows the visitor to record a video via web cam and then when Upload is selected the recorded file arrives into the /uploads folder successfully. I'm trying to add a redirect to another page after the successful upload, but I added in the 'header(Location ...'...
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    HTML & CSS Help to overlay text

    I have a web page where a page visitor can record from their web cam and then the player displays/plays the recorded video, successfully. Upon upload, the progress bar appears, and the percentage numbers of progress. I've tried to have the percentage numbers appear over laid on the displayed...
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    HTML & CSS Black space above and below video screen

    I'm testing the video and have black space horozontally above and below the screen view. I've tried many things to have the full screen fit without the black pace, without success. Any help/suggestion is appreciated. Here's the code:
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    Upload Video Page - Preventing Abuse

    I have a web page with html5 <video> where a visitor can record & upload. I've created this web page in addition to a video web site (where users have to log into to upload). I thought the additional page would make it easier for people to create content. But, I'd like to get their email address...
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    JavaScript Help with 'Reset' button

    The code (below) allows the page vistor to click a ‘display’ button to show the camera view on the page, but not start the video recording. I'm trying to add a 'reset' the camera button, but I think it needs to stop the stream to do that. Any help with assisting me with the 'reset' button...
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    JavaScript Any way to compress a cached file?

    I have a successfully working page where a visitor can record a video via html5 < video > via web cam. Once it's recorded it automatically Plays the just recorded video (and then can be uploaded). Because it takes too long to upload, is there any way to compress or zip the browser cached...
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    JavaScript Adding this Progress Bar script code to existing upload code

    I am looking for assistance with how to integrate this Progress Bar script code to my successfully working upload code. Here's the progress bar script code: $(document).ready(function(){ // File upload via Ajax $("#uploadForm").on('submit', function(e){ e.preventDefault()...
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    JavaScript Not show the time/seconds until 'record' starts on html5 player

    This code allows the page vistor to click a 'display' button to show the camera view on the page, but not start the video recording (they can select a seperate 'record' button to start recording). However, the timer/seconds start upon selecting 'display' the camera view. I'd like help with...
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    HTML Help with paths

    I am testing an index.html file that works successfully inside a folder named 'require-js' which is inside the main folder named Main. like so: Main/require-js/index.html. I've moved the 'require-js' folder from the Main folder into public_html/, and the index.html no longer succeeds, so I...
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    HTML How to convert html code from horizintal to vertical?

    I am trying to modify some code, but it's hard to work with when it's all on one line, for example: <!doctype html><html lang="en"><head><meta charset="utf-8"/><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,init.....................etc... How can I convert html code from horizintal to...
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    JavaScript Help to start 'elapsed time' upon 'Record' in html5 player

    With this code the player's elapsed time starts upon selecting 'Display Camera View": And the recording of the video doesn't start until 'Record Video' is selected. But, I'd like the 'elapsed time' of the video player to start upon selecting 'Record Video' (not upon selecting "Display Camera...
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    PHP Uploaded File not arriving to server folder

    I am still testing a web page where a video is recorded/captured and autoplayed successfully, however, upon Upload the file does not arrive to the server folder. Here's the php: <?php foreach (array('video', 'audio') as $type) { if (isset($_FILES["${type}-blob"])) { $fileName =...
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    JavaScript Allow camera access - show camera view -- don’t start recording video

    Thansks again for all the previous help. This code below works successfully to capture/record (after camera access granted) when the start button is selected. I'm trying to add the ability where (after camera access is allowed) the camera view appears, without recording starting automatically...
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    JavaScript Help with Upload javascript

    Thanks for all of your previous help. I am testing this new code, where video is captured/recorded successfully. However, I don’t have the upload part correct. Nothing happens upon selecting the upload button: <button id="button1" onclick="startRecording()">Start</button> <button id="button2"...
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    JavaScript Help with Upload functionality

    I am testing this code, where a video is recorded, start, stopped & replayed successfully. However, I don't have the upload part correct. Nothing happens upon selecting the upload button. Here's the code: <div class="nowrap"> <button id="btn-start-recording">Start <br/>Recording</button>...