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  1. Malcolm

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  2. Malcolm

    How long does it take to be proficient in coding?

    Great goals to have! So to become proficient in a particular language, you need to learn and practice. The more you practice the more it becomes like second nature and the more you code the more proficient you become. Now we can't accurately give you a proper estimate of how long it will take...
  3. Malcolm

    HTML & CSS I'm new and struggling with a simple button

    Hey there, are you wanting to know how to give two <img> tags a hover effect? Not sure what you mean. I look forward to your reply.
  4. Malcolm

    PHP Can you help me confirm the purpose of this code?

    Hey there, I'm in no way an expert in PHP but from what I can see in the code, I think you are spot on. @Ghost would this be right?
  5. Malcolm

    HTML & CSS How can I organize my photo gallery in HTML/CSS?

    I agree with this, if you post what you have and provide the width and height of the pictures we can take a further look into this for you.
  6. Malcolm

    Console.log("Hello Code Forum !");

    Welcome to Code Forum! :) Once a programmer always a programmer haha, have you been working on any projects? And I might ping you a couple of times, I've been learning C#/JS lately and getting stuck so could probably use your expertise haha
  7. Malcolm

    HTML & CSS Sticky Nav, put on bottom originally

    I have tried this as well and it worked, could you tell us what you are seeing, what you want and what browser are you using?
  8. Malcolm

    HTML & CSS Images zooming to left when transform

    Yes, I am aware. However this is part of coding, we are troubleshooting.
  9. Malcolm

    XenForo License Activation?

    You're welcome! Happy to help will lock the thread and moved to solved :)
  10. Malcolm

    XenForo License Activation?

    Hey @HadASpook, Great eye! :D So this isn't a bug, nor is it meant to be hidden. The XenForo License activation feature was released quietly (I will announce when my project is ready to go). But since you found it, I might as well share what it's going to be used for, so being that our...
  11. Malcolm

    HTML & CSS Images zooming to left when transform

    What if you tried float: none; when hovering over the images? I haven't tried this out so I'm not sure if it's going to work or not - let me know if it doesn't.
  12. Malcolm

    Is there a beginner programmer willing to do an interview to my user finding of my potential coding platform?

    Hey there, May I ask if this interview is text, audio or video? And just for clarification, what do you mean by finding your potential user?
  13. Malcolm

    HTML & CSS Images zooming to left when transform

    Hey there, So from my understanding is that you have 3 images next to each other using float and so when you hover over them it zooms over to the left. Could you tell us which direction your float is going and if possible could you provide us with the code?
  14. Malcolm

    HTML & CSS Need help with an error

    Woops, I was thinking of another tag. Thank you for pointing that out.
  15. Malcolm


    Hi there! Welcome to Code Forum :) I'm doing something similar, I'm really strong in both HTML and CSS right now - casually working through more JavaScript then perhaps moving into PHP/SQL. But outside of web development, I've been touching on C#, C++ etc. Are you currently working on any...
  16. Malcolm

    Java Please I need help with enums

    Hi there, Can you please share the code instead of the screenshots? This will make easier for us to copy and paste the code to test it out. Please check this post out for more help in adding code to your posts:
  17. Malcolm

    HTML & CSS Need help with an error

    Hey there, so looking at the code you provided, I can see that you have multiple </head> tags, every HTML document should only contain 1 pair of <head></head>. And in addition to that, in your <style> near the bottom you have an incomplete selector and property: .shopButton #amount {...
  18. Malcolm

    HTML & CSS How can I organize my photo gallery in HTML/CSS?

    Hey there! Did you end up getting this resolved?
  19. Malcolm

    My project for Code Forum is almost done, super excited to release it soon.

    My project for Code Forum is almost done, super excited to release it soon.
  20. Malcolm

    HTML Problem

    Hi there, I would recommend creating a stylesheet.css file and link to it from your HTML document, which will allow you to use CSS without it being in the same document as your HTML code. You can check out this thread about What CSS is, but it briefly goes over external CSS styling. You can...