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    JavaScript Async / await fetch - Posting JSON data

    An async function needs to return a Promise. You are returning the result of an await, which is not a Promise but an unwrapped value. You should simply return result.json() so that the method returns a Promise. You will then need to call the function in .then style or call it from another async...
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    HTML & CSS Where to go from here??

    HTML/CSS are not programming languages. HTML is markup (as in, it is how you "mark up" your document) and CSS is a cascading style sheet which provides styling information to an HTML document. For logic, you need a programming language like JavaScript, PHP, etc as previously mentioned. If you...
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    The length of the adjacent, opposite, and the hypotenuse of a triangle without using sOHcAHtOA

    Looks mostly right, however sqrt(84) is not 9 and sqrt(97) is not 10 and sqrt(19) is not 4. All of this is actually the Pythagorean theorem arranged in different ways. There are also the Law of Cosines and Law of Sines respectively as well as some other fun trigonometry tricks. I just took some...
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    Get Error in roblox studio

    You defined local plrs = (1) which certainly does not look like a database table to me. Unfortunately I don't know Roblox's API so I can't guide you. The reason it's getting an error is that plrs is not a database table. Any further help will need to come from somebody who understands Roblox...
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    Get Error in roblox studio

    It's telling you that plrs is invalid. It expects it to be a Table, but it is a Number. I would need to see more code to help you any further than that.
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    HTML & CSS beginner index file doesn't work?

    Ah yes, indeed. So have you figured it out, then?
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    HTML & CSS beginner index file doesn't work?

    How are you opening the file in Chrome? A screenshot would be helpful.
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    C Why is fread and fwrite giving error 'containing too many arguments'?

    The documentation for fread and fwrite indicate there are four arguments to either of them. Why are you passing six arguments? This is why you are getting "too many arguments". You have two too many arguments in both calls.
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    Java Restart Button Not Working (Processing 3)

    Would you mind using separate code blocks in your post or a reply to indicate some more specific areas of the code, such as where the GUI button functionality is being handled and what happens when a game starts and ends?
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    C++ need help with program

    I believe the issue here is that you are attempting to return string literals (i.e. "abcdefg") from a function when the function's return type is char*. String literals are constant, so I would think the necessary return type is const char*.
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    Simple code - best practices?

    This is simple code, indeed. However, imagine that you finished this particular piece and released it to the world. Then, you forget about it. Three years later you get an email asking for support on this code. Thankfully, you still have it up on GitHub (or something). So, you go back to the...
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    C# How to check if a process is a windows service/process or a normal process?

    You would want to check who is running the process. If the user is SYSTEM, then don't kill it. There are a few other special system users that you don't want to kill. A good strategy might be to kill processes that are being run by the user with the username of the current account. i.e., if my...
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    help please im noob

    That's correct. It is nextLine, not nextline. You will also need some control flow there to determine if they typed "Yes" or "No" as right now it just assumes they typed "No" and "Yes" afterward.
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    CSS How to execute different site php in css

    You can't run PHP inside of CSS file unless you execute the CSS file as if it were a PHP file. For example, in a HTML file: <html> <head> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles.php" /> </head> </html> This should work, but make sure that PHP sends a correct...
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    CSS How to execute different site php in css

    You can't do that with CSS alone, you'd need a PHP engine to run that. CSS is not a great attack vector to my knowledge. JavaScript is the primary clientside vector for that. However, this seems like a sketchy question 🤔
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    Downtime Cron that sends an email?

    Ping is simply an indication that ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) is functioning and it does not provide any clue as to whether or not the webserver is responding to requests or that a particular page is loading correctly. This tool is actually checking the webserver itself. The code...
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    CSS How to execute different site php in css

    What do you mean by this? As in running a PHP script on a different site? Or, running a PHP script on your computer which is hosted on a different site? Please clarify so I can understand better.
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    Hi, I'm simple. Nice to meet you.

    Hi, I'm simple. Nice to meet you.
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    Fun activity Say hello... in a coding language!

    server { listen 80; add_header Content-Type text/plain; return 200 "Hello, DaCodingMan!28138"; }
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    Hello, my name is Jake or Jacob or "simple" as a nickname. I have been programming for 14 (soon 15) years as a self taught hobby and part side gig, but I am now working on getting a degree in Computer Science to formalize all of it. I found this website by chance and decided to join, for better...