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    PHP PHP Development For Cryptocurrency?

    Today I want to start a discussion about cryptocurrency and PHP development. A lot of people prefer to use other languages because PHP has some efficiency issues. However, there are many apps and websites that are powered by this. The newest versions of PHP obviously can do almost anything you...
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    Have you ever owned a Mac?

    The first Mac I owned was an iBook G4 in middle school. They were required by the school, so every family did a rent-to-own plan with the school. In 6th grade we used school owned laptops to learn how to use them, how to take care of them, etc. In 7th we rented, and by 8th grade we owned them...
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    TempleOS, by the late Terry A. Davis

    Terry A. Davis was an odd fellow. If not for his struggle with schizophrenia, then perhaps his comments about him being the best programmer to ever live were what made him peculiar. Of course, everyone aware of his work and videos knew that he had a tendency to be racist, and I'm sure that had...