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    Code Forum

    Thanks for sharing @meetdilip :D
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    Hey Ya'll

    Hey there and welcome to our community :)
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    Hey there 🙋

    Hey there, welcome!
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    Welcome to CF!
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    HTML & CSS How can I make a slider like this with Bootstrap carousel?

    Hello! Welcome to CodeForum. Do you have any code that you've started? It would be easier to help provide prompts to you for areas you're struggling with, than the entire element code from scratch :)
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    JavaScript Quantity step dropdown on lookbook quick view does not match amount in sidecart

    Can you share the code that you're experiencing an issue with?
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    Hi Everyone,

    Welcome to the community!
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    Forum loads slowly

    That could well be an avenue we explore :)
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    Hi All

    Hey there, welcome to Code Forum :)
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    C# VS Code Application Questions

    Hi Danna, Welcome to CodeForum: I have sent you a message about your post. In reply to your first question: Can you post a screenshot of your MacOSX Docker bar alongside a screenshot of the active/open application? Have you tried clicking on the application icon in the docker bar? Have you...
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    We now have 900 registered coders!

    Woo! Can't wait for our big milestone :D
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    CSS Bootstrap gradients

    Hi @amyLou, You'd need to ensure you change the: $enable-gradients option to TRUE and then you can use Saas to style the gradient
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    HTML & CSS Autofill

    @Crumpledkingskin, could you share the code for the dropdown menu with us?
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    HTML & CSS Need some help

    Hi Justin, welcome to CodeForum. You'd have to include Javascript to make games playable - HTML alone wouldn't work. Could you also clarify a little about what types of games you'd like to embed?
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    Hi everyone

    Hey there, welcome! :D
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    Hello friends.

    Hey Jason, a warm welcome to CodeForum! :) Would be great to hear of any projects you're currently working on/have completed
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    Hi all

    Thanks for letting us know, and a big welcome to CodeForum :)
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    Hi and pointers

    Welcome to CodeForum! :)
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    HTML & CSS Need help to create this page exactly like this

    As other's have mentioned some specificity as to what you want to achieve would be good to know: Is it a comprehensive Learner Management System (LMS) such as the screenshot you showed, or styling an existing system using code to look like that? A quick search for 'PHP LMS Code' can yield some...
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    Iconify, app icons generator

    Wow this is awesome, thanks for sharing. I will definitely be bookmarking this for future reference and use!