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  1. Siim518

    CSS Need to hide menu item in Woocommerce

    Hello, i have this site: and i am trying to hide the "Sign in" button from the header, how can i do it via Custom CSS panel, what would be the code i should insert to hide that sign in button? At the moment i have tried this but no effect...
  2. Siim518

    Unicode question

    I have a form on my website (Wordpress site) that has a language what has special characters inside like "öäõü" (Its Estonian language) and they are displayed as question marks inside sentence "?" How could i fix this? Should i change the unicode in mysql from UTF-8 to something else? Or is...
  3. Siim518

    PHP Need help with Wordpress plugin box size.

    Hello, i need to edit my Wordpress page, there is a calendar plugin that has 2 boxes: (Category, Calendar) on the top right corner. I need to make those drop down menu boxes a little bit bigger, so they would stand out more and it would be easier to notice them. What file or files i need to edit...
  4. Siim518

    JavaScript SEO Checker

    Hello, i have question about overall website SEO optimization. I have one site that i am working on at the moment and i would like it to be very search engine friendly. I usually check my website here: to see how many errors or important...
  5. Siim518

    Answered H1 title problem!

    I have an H1 title "Meie teenused" on the front page, at the moment its aligned to the left side, how can i align it to CENTER? Can i use some CSS code? Site: Thanks! =)
  6. Siim518

    HTML & CSS Need Custom CSS help with WP theme.

    How can i change the main slide pictures size? The pictures are too big, i would like them to be half size. The theme dosent have an option to select the size manually,so i must change it by code. Theme has a custom CSS option, where i can paste the code and it changes the pictures size then, i...