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    PHP RSS Feed aggregation changing date to todays date everytime feed is aggregated

    Hey, was wondering if someone might be able to rummage through the following and provide some insight as to why this custom RSS feed aggregation code is returning the current date and not the actual pub date? The key variable here is $cleanDate I believe. This is using some older RSS aggregation...
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    PHP How do I limit the for loop count?

    Hi, the following works fine but I’d like to limit the max number of items pulled at a given time? Wondering how to do this? function rssNews() { $items = xmlFeed('research'); $items = orderByDate($items); $output = ''; $output = '<ul id="rssnews">'; if (count($items) >= 2)...
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    JavaScript Uncaught TypeError using hammer.js

    Hey, I am working on an old site that was using hammer.js v1.0.5 ( and jQuery 1.8.3. I am currently trying to upgrade hammer to the newest version (v2.0.8 > and jQuery 1.12.4 w/ Migrate and am getting an Uncaught...
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    PHP WordPress/Advanced Custom Fields/ PHP Rand

    Hey, I have this PHP/ACF code for WP that pulls the latest 2 entries and am wondering how to adjust this so it would just pull random entries instead. Thanks! function getLatestPhotos() { if(get_field('photos', 34)) { $latestPhotos = '<ul class="photo-list">'; $paperCounter...
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    PHP Help with if/else statement for WordPress function

    Hey folks, I've got some code that pulls several upcoming events posts and displays them on a home page. It work fine but if there are no upcoming events scheduled then there is nothing that shows up and I’d like to revise this so it displays a little ‘No events currently scheduled’ text. Any...
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    Downtime Cron that sends an email?

    Hey, wondering if anyone has any ideas that might be better than this one I yanked off Github. Looking for a bash script I can run a cron on several times a day that auto checks a list of domains to see if any are down. #!/bin/bash # List of URLs to check. urls=(
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    JavaScript calling jQuery and Migrate these days

    Hey, I am upgrading an older site that was using jQuery 1.8.3 and am bumping jQuery to 1.12.4 and using the 1.4.1 migrate plugin for the time being. I see that jQuery had been called the following way <script src=""></script> <script>window.jQuery...
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    JavaScript Leave input:hover active if input has focus

    Hey, I have an input field .search-form input[type="text"] and it is hidden until the following :hover css .search-slide { left: -9999px; position: absolute; top: -9999px; white-space: nowrap; } .search-form:hover .search-slide { left...
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    JavaScript JS working in Firefox not Chrome/Safari

    What am I missing here? I have a back to top link script working in Firefox which no longer works in Chrome or Safari wondering if anyone notices anything here? I have added alert messages through the script to test and make sure the entire script is running and am able to get prompts at every...
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    How to mysqldump in a more secure way?

    How can I get the following script to be more secure? I am getting a mysqldump warning. mysqldump: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure. # Dump MySQL in staging area echo "------------------------------------------------" echo "Dumping MySQL..." mysqldump -h...