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  1. Cooldude100

    Python I need devs for my project.

    Hello, my name is Grayson. I am looking for devs to help me create a payment Api for a website called Fruit surf. They will get half of the revenue from the website as long as they are a dev. Please help me. Also they must use python and know pyscript.
  2. SHjiwani

    Java How do I add exponents and parentheses to my code?

    This is the pastebin for my code: pastebin.com/gV01kTje Basically I have an assignment where I need to create a calculator capable of up to 3 step equations and being able to do all PEMDAS operations in PEMDAS order. So far I've gotten it up to 3 step operations and being able to do addition...
  3. Irish19

    C# Discord Bot to announnce joining specific voice channels to specific text channel, have the basic bot setup and tested working no problems! "C#"

    "Hi sorry i have looked and searched on this website aswell but i just cant find the solution, i am coding in C# and am used to pythoon but it stopped working for like 2 of my bots, and i am trying to remake it on this one as it has always run but not a coding language i am used to, if u could...
  4. SpongeBOB

    Bug bbcode CODE tag, now lacking some neat features.

    Hi everyone, I see on one of my previous topic -> https://codeforum.org/index.php?threads/can-only-load-one-svg-object.2102/post-11886 That the bbcode tag CODE has been modified. So it's appear to make it work I just need the remove the quote sign " [CODE lang=html]the code[\CODE] note: I...
  5. L0L2G00D

    How do you make a welcoming post on your profile?

    This is a suggestion because you should leave this question here because surely I'm not the only one who doesn't know how to make a welcoming post.
  6. BorkedSystem32

    Feedback The Resources Section

    The Resources section on CodeForum, has largely been untouched by the community, with something new being put up on it once in a while. To further boost usage of the Resources section, I believe we should: Encourage the community to share new resources that they've found and believe will be...
  7. M

    Solved UI Theme In The Wild

    Hey there. I noticed recently that when you scroll to the bottom of the site to change the theme, a new one has popped-up. That is: UI.X(Config) Was this meant to be a new theme that somehow slipped by, before it was properly configured for use by the CF community? From what I've tested, it...
  8. M

    Feedback How We Could Boost Activity Here At CF.org - Discussion Thread

    Hey there. I'm starting this thread as in my opinion, there isn't really any discussion surrounding this issue. That issue being as to how we can boost the activity and gather more sign-ups here at CF. But seriously, let's take a look at it for one moment. Back when I first joined CF in 2019...
  9. TableFlipGod

    Rejected Codeforum Api

    Hey, I would like to request an api for use of codeforum. This would be extremely helpful especially when users want to make a bot or something to watch threads and note if there are new ones out. Thanks, Table the discord bot coder!
  10. D

    WebWareBox Is Now Open-Source And Now Is Now Under CodeForum.org!

    Hey there everyone. I'm @Code_Block, and have I got News for you! So over the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to get an Owner for my Defunct-Site, WebWareBox. Earlier, @Malcolm, gave the Idea of making the Project Open-Source. Now, I thought of the possibility of making the Project...
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